How Much Would You Give to Catch a Pedophile?

I know, a post on Sunday doesn’t normally have this sort of title. But what better day of the week, the day we celebrate the Lord breaking the chains of slavery for all of us, what better day of the week is there for me to share with you a way YOU can be a part of setting people free!


27 million people enslaved around the world.

The number still overwhelms me.  It still gives me chills to think about girls the same age as my daughter being bought and sold for sex.   It still makes me cry to consider the magnitude of this issue.  I’ve shared a lot lately about this issue of human slavery, of sex trafficking, and I’ve tried to give ideas for ways we can all be involved.

But if you’re like me, it feels like nothing I can do will ever be enough to make a real difference.  Writing blog posts, giving information, buying bags, posting images, and sharing videos doesn’t feel like much when people are literally being used and abused around the world.  It feels like there is really nothing we can do.

Well, today, there is something we can do.

I’ve been asked by the folks at The Exodus Road, a nonprofit empowering literal rescue, to help fuel investigations for active cases of pedophilia in Malaysia*. The undercover team there needs about $35/night to conduct local investigations, and the blogging team I serve with at The Exodus Road wants to send these men out for an entire month, 30 nights. The funds will go to the travel, lodging, and investigative expenses. We will literally be “hiring” an investigator, on our behalf, to go look for children and to gather the evidence needed to put pedophiles behind bars.

Would you join me?

We have one week to raise the funds needed to send out to this trained team of operatives. I’m asking each of us to donate just $15 to this cause. And giving is as simple as pulling out your phone, literally.   Starting today,  May 26, and going for one week through next Sunday, June 2, we’ll be joining together, $15 at a time, with people across the United States and around the world to DO something.

Here’s how:

  • With your smartphone, text the word “4thekids” to: 41444. You’ll immediately receive a link. Follow the link and make a tax-free donation with your credit card. OR
  • If you’d rather give online, you can donate here to give at The Exodus Road site. Write “bust pedophiles” in the comment section.

I’m partnering with 142 other bloggers for The Exodus Road in this endeavor.  Please share this post with all your social media networks, email it those who might be willing to give … wouldn’t it be awesome to see us reach our goal in the first 24 hours!   You can check our team’s progress by clicking here.

Together we CAN do something!

*Location has been changed for security. 

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