What I Learned in July

Before we go further I need to say this: I am not convinced today is July 31.

Seriously, I’m pretty sure I’ve been dreaming and I’m going to wake up and it will still be 2012 because there is no way we’re already through with seven months of 2013.  But, just to cover all my bases, I’m going to assume iCal is correct and today is indeed the last day of July and this time next month I’ll be getting ready for Labor Day and wondering where August went . . .

That said, I’ve determined I absolutely love Emily‘s posts about what she has learned every month and I’m elated she has made the whole thing into a linky and last month I devoured a ton of posts by all sorts of bloggers and decided I totally needed to join this fun because I’m always learning something and even though I try to share all my wisdom and experience with my daughter and my Bible in 490 Days group I should be doing more to share these nuggets of truth with women everywhere …

{And, that, my friends, was quite possibly the longest run-on sentence ever. I apologize now to my English-teaching, copy-editing friends.  Clearly I did not learn the fine art of brevity in July.}

Without further distraction or disruption, here are a few of the things I learned in July.  Get your notebooks out, friends, this is some life-altering information.  Seriously.

What I Learned in July || www.terilynneunderwood.com/blog

  1. A week-long vacation with four generations of your husband’s family the week following youth camp will absolutely not count as a real vacation.  And it will take an additional two weeks to recover from the experience. {This is why I have no other lessons from the first two weeks of July … I was exhausted and brain dead.}
  2. When it rains almost every day in July, you will start to feel like it’s autumn.  In fact, you might even be tempted to go ahead and pull out some of your favorite fall-ish clothes and wear them.  Don’t do this.  Even though it looks like November outside, it will still feel like July and all the rain will only make it more muggy and you will sweat — a. lot.  
  3. A new transmission for a 2005 Ford Taurus will cost $1500.  And, if you live in a small town, you might be without a car for almost 3 weeks in order to get said new transmission into said Taurus.  Also, that check will not be your favorite one to write.  {ahem}
  4. I really like cobbler with fresh fruit.  Really.  And if I add about 1/2 cup of brown sugar and 2 tablespoons of vanilla to my favorite easy cobbler recipe, it tastes like a little bit of heaven.
  5. JoAnn Fabric has burlap with mustaches printed on it.  13-year-old girls everywhere are thrilled.  {Or at least the 13-year-old girl in my house is. Because every burlap idea on Pinterest can now include mustaches and that, my friends, is awesome.}
  6. If I don’t get my shower as soon as I get up, there is about a 75% chance I won’t get one before 3 pm.  {And, sadly, about a 15% chance I won’t get one at all.}
  7. Sometimes what I really need is a 3-hour lunch with a dear friend.  Yeah, the other things on the list won’t get done but my heart will be full.
  8. Having a fireplace {even an electric one} in the bedroom is just as amazing as I have always thought it would be. Look at this formerly bland and boring pine TV stand my husband painted, antiqued, and refinished and added a fireplace to … he is pretty wonderful!

fireplace in bedroom || www.terilynneunderwood.com/blog

And because July is kind of a blur to me and maybe to you as well, here are few posts from here and yonder you might want to check out. 

Finally just a bit of exciting news … well, two bits, really.  First, I am now a contributor to Not Quite Amish.  I’ll be sharing thoughts each month about organization, routines, and managing life. {Which, I suppose, means I need to spend the next 17 days figuring out what I could possibly write about any of that.  Ha!} My first post there will be on August 17.  And second, as of yesterday, I’m the Director of Social Media for Whatever Girls Ministry! I cannot explain how excited I am to be a part of this ministry to equip mothers and daughters to live intentional lives.  Erin’s heart is beautiful and I’m humbled and amazed she asked me to be a part of this team.

Okay, your turn — what did you learn in July?

{linking up with Emily and some other amazing women to share what we’ve learned in July}

Read the Psalms this summer with Scripture Dig!


  1. Hm, what did I learn? I learned I miss having a nice vacation away to visit family. I re-learned I do much, much better when there’s sunshine. And I learned that even older teens still need their moms. 🙂

    • I have decided I need to just say “yes” more often … because really and truly my life isn’t that urgent and I need time with people. Lingering conversations that move from subject to subject without agenda or plan.

    • My husband would also have laughed in that situation … and undoubtedly found a way to sneak a picture of my blue lips onto Instagram. I would have feigned frustration but deep inside I would have thought how awesome our life is to have such laughter and fun.

      And thanks for the condolences about the transmission. 🙂

  2. Cracking up about the burlap, nodding vehemently about lunches with dear friends and smiling about pulling out fall clothes too early (I do that too :))

    Thanks for sharing! Love this unexpected link-up community!

  3. I’m laughing at #2! I was sitting at my computer working one overcast day when I heard a dog bark outside…. for a split second it felt like fall. (Am I the only one who only hears dog bark in the distance in the fall?) Now I’m ready for October!

  4. First off, yes!!!! How is it possible that tomorrow is August…of 2013?!?!

    I love your shower situation observation. Most days I wonder how other moms find time to shower!

    Oh my word. I’m in love with that TV stand

    Hope your August is awesome even though we both have a hard time believing it is truly August!

    • I am a little embarrassed about sharing that shower thing since someone at church commented on it … but, it is what it is!! LOL

      And the man did an awesome job on the TV stand, huh? He’s a keeper!

  5. Oh my stars what is it with Mustaches and 13/10 year olds? Goodness, I don’t know.

    Also are you Amish? I did not know! 🙂

    But the cobbler sounds divine. I’ll add ice cream to mine and have that 3 hour lunch with you—anytime.


  6. I learned to give up plans and to roll with the punches. Seems I learn and re-learn that every month. Today, I learned that my Airedale is hilarious on pain meds and the cone of shame is going to be quite amusing for a day or two. {I guess here I ought to add I probably learned from the last statement that I might have a wee mean streak…or that I am able to find humor in most situations}

  7. Oh, and PS….LOVE what you’ve done with that sitting area and am wondering how in the world I can get an all day {or weekend} appointment to sit there with you 🙂

  8. I saw the burlap! I may have rolled my eyes a little. Or, a lot. I don’t get the whole mustache thing.

    #6 is me. Definitely me! Including the 15% chance of not taking a shower at all.

    I learned this month is that get away weekends are awesome. And that my boys have no concept of “stop and smell the roses”. I tried to explain it, and all I got in return was blank stares. Then they ran off yelling.

  9. How fun is this link up? I just love reading everyone posts and seeing what we all learned or rediscovered in July! (…and I love that we all learned some of the same things!) Bonus points to the Hubs – that fireplace is awesome!!! (Now – if I can just find it on Pinterest and show it to my hubby… he tends to think of Pinterest as a challenge and I have managed to get quite a few projects done by showing him a Pin!)

    Oh yes – and 3 hour lunches are a life line!!!

  10. What I learned in July.
    1. When it comes to weight loss, wacky thyroid >exercise. It’s true. I’ve been an honest to goodness gym rat and the scales refuses to budge.
    2. I love lap swimming more than any other cardio workout. I think it’s because it doesn’t require sweating.
    3 Athleta makes the most amazing swim suits. I could be their spokesperson except for my age and weight (see #1). Really, if you’ve never shopped at Athleta, I highly recommend it. Did I mention I love my new Athleta swimwear? I don’t suppose I can wear it to the grocery store, can I?
    4. Watching young love is good for my marriage. It reminds me of how thrilling it used to be just to sit beside my beloved…never mind the excitement of his hand touching the small of my back as we walked side by side.
    5. Despite all the naysayers, teens are my favorite age to parent. Yes, it can be a little emotionally draining, but only teens can carry on a conversation with you that results in long fits of laughter by both parties. And if you have multiple girls, the conversations about boys are priceless. Absolutely priceless. Especially if you promise not to repeat them.

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