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Okay, I know … when I post two posts late on Thursday night it makes it hard to even think about an action step on Friday.  I’m sorry!  But, I think this is one everyone can do.

Last week I encouraged you to pick three MITs every day for the week.  I do hope many of you did and that you found the practice useful.  As I mentioned, this has been one of the best exercises I have incorporated in my quest to live well.

This week we looked the idea of ordering our days.  I shared about establishing priorities and encouraged you to begin to think about those life priorities or values you want to shape the way you live.  I also covered the reality of chaos in our lives and challenged you to accept and even embrace the crazy life can bring.  And finally, we looked at the importance of creativity in our lives.

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My challenge to you for the next seven days is to create something every day.  It can be as simple as coloring with your child or as elaborate as you feel like going.  But make time, even just a few minutes, every day to create.

Here are some ideas for some simple creative acts:

  • Bake cookies. {Here’s a link to my favorite snickerdoodle recipe.}
  • Plant some fall flowers.  I’m very partial to pansies this time of year.  I just love them!
  • Decorate your mantel or another space for fall using what you already have or can find in your yard.
  • Try something new with your hair or with your daughter’s hair.
  • Build a massive indoor tent with your kids using all the sheets and blankets you can find.

It really doesn’t matter what you do or how big or small it is … the point is, embracing the creative side! So try something new or pull out something you used to love.  But create! 

Have fun!
Teri Lynne

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