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When life gets really chaotic and I wonder if I’m doing anything that matters, I tend to withdraw. I get overwhelmed by all that isn’t done and lose sight of the big picture. In talking with some friends recently, I realized I’m not the only one.  As we discussed some of the ways we regroup, I noticed our choices seemed to fall into two broad categories:

Solitude or Creating

I shared earlier in this series about our need for rest.  I firmly believe there are times when we are physically and mentally depleted and what we need most is space to breathe.  That can take on several forms such as a bubble bath or a long walk.  Some said they like to curl up alone with a book or a favorite movie.  And a few said when life overwhelms, they just take a nap knowing it will look much clearer when they are rested.

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But many of my friends shared their method for decompressing is creating. And the more I thought about that, I began to see the wisdom and purpose of choosing to create when we’re drained. We are made in the image of the ultimate Creator … and within each of us in a desire to make, to do, shape, to form.  As women we do this in countless ways, not the least of which is the molding we do of our children’s hearts.

As we close out this week of learning to order our days, I want to challenge you to encourage creativity in your own life. Don’t feel guilty for the time you spend crafting or baking or sewing or gardening or writing!  There is value, deep spiritual value, in those things.  I love that my dear friend Kris has started doing art journaling.  When she shares the photos of her pages, they are beautiful and meaningful.

But remember, creativity isn’t just about the beauty we see, it’s about the beauty He sees in us.   Get out those paints or that fancy recipe you’ve been wanting to try.  Wear something sparkly or take those photos on manual. Rearrange the furniture or try something new altogether.

Create, girl!


Teri Lynne

Do you consider yourself a creative person? What is the biggest challenge you face in expressing your creativity?

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  1. Great post! I’ve always thought I should have those “to-dos” done before I got to tackle those dreams or things that inspire me. If that’s the case, I’ll never get to them. Making time for these creative things actually will fuel me to get those “to-do’s” done. Thanks!

  2. This was a great post on creativity. I believe it was for me to read today for confirmation and encouragement. I am a pretty creative person an I love it. Just this morning after my devotions a design idea came to mind that I can’t wait to make. Several years ago I used my computer to design magnets that I sold at a Christian bookstore. I also like to make certain things by hand. I’ve started to keep an “ideas notebook” of creative ideas that come to mind. I could see it becoming a business one day if the Lord directs. If I could, I would spend every day designing things. Creativity is in my heart. But all is on hold for now. I have a wonderful husband and children. I’ve worked full time and part time. Currently I’m pursuing full time employment again to contribute to our household income. That comes first and is most important right now. But I will always keep my dream alive.

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