Embrace {a little} Chaos

About 14 years ago I started teaching a women’s Bible study class.  I’ve pretty much been teaching in some form or fashion ever since.  I’ve learned so much through my studying and through the discussions held with countless women and I’m thankful for every single opportunity I have to open the Word and encourage others.

But I’ve also learned another lesson: Whatever I’m teaching is where I’m going to be tested!

This series is no exception. Y’all, our life has been topsy turvy all month.  This week and last were even more crazy than normal.  God is doing so many incredible things in my life right now.  But I’m having to really stay focused on listening to Him to reveal where I need to devote my time and what the priorities for each day need to be.

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I think that’s why this idea of embracing {a little} chaos has been hard for me to write.  I feel like I’m embracing A LOT of chaos, right now! In a conversation with my mom earlier today I said I feel like this is just the way life is going to look until my girl graduates from high school in four and a half years.  She laughed and agreed.  But then she said, “You’re making the right choices.”

I needed to hear that! Maybe you do also?

When we have full lives, there is just going to be some chaos.  Especially when we have children in our homes.  Don’t believe the lie that you can do it all and that it all has to be perfect.  It’s really okay if you’re never, ever caught up on laundry. And it’s okay if there are weeks when you eat out more than you eat at home because you’re watching ball games or practices or just exhausted.

Remember, all that laundry is from the people God has placed in your home.  All those dishes are from meals you’ve shared with those you love.  And all that time in the car shuttling from here to there is time with your family.  It may not be what you’ve always dreamed, it may not even be what you’d prefer, but it’s the season you’re in.  And it’s okay!

Embrace the chaos! 

I’ll be right there with you!
Teri Lynne

Do you fight the chaos in your life? How could embracing a little bit of chaos help you learn to live well?

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  1. Teri Lynne. What you said? True. And here’s a treasure in the midst of it all…when you fight it and fret and stress you miss all the moments. You rob yourself of the joy, the peace, the “all is well” even though there is still laundry and dishes and things to pick up and (fill in the blank) ANNNND…you also use precious energy and (while I don’t have empirical data) get less of that stuff done and are more likely to create MORE chaos. How do I know this. Don’t ask 🙂
    Thanks for your encouragement and sharing the insight and lessons God is giving you.

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