Slowing Down When Life Is Busy

3 Ways to Slow Down on the Busy Days

Lately I’ve sort of felt like I’ve been meeting myself coming and going.  We’re in the beginning weeks of the busiest time of year at the Underwood Abode. From the time school starts until the National Championship football game, it’s full speed ahead. You’d think after years of it being this way, I wouldn’t find myself so shocked when it all starts. But here I sit, two and a half weeks into September, thinking, “Oh my word! I’m tired already.”

My body and soul need space and quiet and rest. But far too often those are the very things that get shoved to the side in all the chaos.

So what can we do when the calendar yells “be here!” and “do this!” and “don’t forget that!” at us? How do we blend all the stuff of life with our desire for stillness before the Lord?

Join me at Not Quite Amish where I’m sharing 3 ways to slow down on the busy days


Teri Lynne


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