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I’ve realized lately so little of what I say really matters. Let’s face it, “Did you clean your room?” and “My car needs gas {again}” are not the stuff of eternity. The life of a mom is often full of mundane repetitions of the same phrases and questions.

It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of what needs to be done. Laundry piles and dirty dishes and meals to cook and places to be leave us barking commands and urging small feet to move faster. It happens to all of us.

words that matter || Teri Lynne Underwood

Some days when my head finally lands on the pillow I wonder if anything I did matters … if anything I said counts. But words DO matter — even the ones we repeat countless times in the course of each day. Jesus said it is from the abundance of our hearts our mouths speak {Luke 6:45}. The Psalmist prayed the words of his mouth would be pleasing to God {Psalm 19:14}. Whatever we say should bring honor to Christ {Colossians 3:17} and bring hope and life to those who hear them {Proverbs 10:11}.

I really want it to! I want to live each day with purpose and intention. I want to speak life into the people around me. I want my words to matter — not just for today, but for eternity.

And while I’m not sure all that will entail, I know this — I need more time in THE WORD. When life gets busy we often settle for less time in Bible study and prayer. We allow the things of this world to crowd out the things of eternity. I see it in my life and I feel the consequences in my relationships.

The best way I know to make sure my words matter is to root them in the Word of God. So I’m determined to spend more time in the Scripture, more time in prayer, more time listening to Him before I speak to anyone else.

Will you join me in this quest?


How do you make time for the Lord when life is really busy?

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