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Happy Friday! We have survived midterms. Y’all, have I mentioned how much my girl does not enjoy Algebra and how that translates into a wee bit of stress around here? Yikes. Next week she has cheer tryouts.  Buddy is hoping for his third year of being a cheer dog.

Buddy the Cheer DogBless him, right?

Since we’re focused on all things encouraging and energetic here at the Underwood abode, I thought I’d share some of my favorite fun things lately.  For example, Jimmy Kimmel’s lip sync battles? Have you seen them?  Here’s my favorite:

Yes, it’s almost a year old.  Yes, I watch it about once a week. When Jimmy Fallon cracks up, it totally makes me laugh out loud. Jimmy Kimmel and “Fancy” … Emma Stone with “Hook” … Jimmy back with “Mr. Roboto” {modren??} …  And the best finale ever is “All I Do Is Win” by Emma. Her lip sync rapping = perfection. Trust me, the 7 minutes you spend watching this video will lead to exponential joy. And now, LL Cool J with Lip Sync Battle … a whole show of this genius? Yes, please.  Can. Not. Wait.

Also, I mentioned last week I was reading The Antelope in the Living Room: The Real Story of Two People Sharing One Life … finished it. Hilarious and honest and such a beautiful work about marriage. Truly. And now I cannot wait to get my hands on Melanie‘s next book, Nobody’s Cuter than You: A Memoir about the Beauty of Friendship.

Last weekend I saw Cinderella. I loved it. And, yes, I read the crazy reviews from people who didn’t … but Lady Rose was captivating as Cinderella and what is not to love about a movie that ends with the maligned protaganist offering the the gift of forgiveness to the evil stepmother.  Also Daisy playing the wicked Drisella was such fun. {Yes, I know it wasn’t actually the Downton characters acting in the movie and that Lady Rose and Daisy are not these fine actresses real names but indulge me because I’m already having Downton withdrawals and Lady Rose and Daisy are two of my favorite characters on Downton.} {{Also, this has made me not so worried about the remake of the VERY BEST DISNEY MOVIE EVER — Beauty and the Beast— into a live action film.}} And so, all of that to say, if you decide to catch a movie this weekend, Cinderella is a great choice.  Yes, you will cry. But you will leave smiling.

For Your Weekend {laughter and fun edition}

And here’s a few blog posts I read this week you might find encouraging:

  • Creating Space on Deeper Waters — “We all need space holders in our lives that serve no purpose other than giving us freedom to just be. We need people and places where we feel safe and not judged — where we can just be ourselves. Our true selves.”
  • 13 Netflix Shows worth Binge-Watching from Relevant — I mentioned last week I was hoping for a “Blue Bloods” marathon {didn’t happen, by the way  … but I can’t remember what we did instead}. Anyway, this post offers several ideas for shows worth binging on. I’ve started “West Wing” again myself because I totally prefer President Bartlet’s White House to the real life news.
  • 7 Scientific Reasons Why We Should Laugh More from — One of the chapters in the book I’d love to write someday is all about laughing more. Did I ever tell you my family says I don’t laugh enough? I sort of think they are crazy because it’s not that I don’t laugh, it’s that I don’t laugh at the same things they do … but anyway, I’m pretty sure if we’d all laugh more — and I mean real laughing like when you snort! — and hug more, life would be so much less stressful.  This post confirms my theory.

Oh and speaking of hilarity in marriage, apparently one night this week I was dreaming something incredibly funny and my laughter woke Scott up.  See — I laugh!!  I have no idea why Scott and Casiday would say I don’t. {For the curious among you, all I can remember about the dream is that it was snowing and there were brightly colored scarves.}

So, there you go … some fun stuff for the weekend. Because weekends should have some fun, right?


Teri Lynne

In case you missed it, this week I wrote about maximizing our time, how I’m not a perfect mom, and what I’m learning about continual praise.

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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas! One “little” note….I think he’s Jimmy Fallon, not Kimmel ; ) Have a blessed weekend!

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