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I’m sitting here listening to the rain {and hoping the wind won’t blow it in through my open windows} and contemplating the depths of God’s love for me. I hope you know how vast is the love God has for you. Easter is the high point in the Christian church — the celebration of Christ’s victory over death and our hope for eternal life.


For Your Weekend {Easter Edition} ... great ideas for using Easter eggs, celebrating friendships, and leaning into Jesus

This post from House of Hendrix — I promise, just read it. The most beautiful description of friendship I have read in a very long time.  After I’d read this post, I was reading the Maundy Thursday reading from God for Us: Rediscovering the Meaning of Lent and Easter and this sentence wrapped itself around my heart, “Maundy Thursday is a time to remember what time spent with our loved ones truly means” (165).  Perhaps one of the greatest gifts of love we can give to others to is learning to cherish the time we spend together it is eating a meal or cleaning someone’s house.

September McCarthy is one of the women I most admire online.  She is genuine and generous and her love for Jesus and her family shines bright. I also love that she is willing to be open about the hard parts of life and discipleship.  This post she wrote for Deeper Waters is especially beautiful.  If We Were Perfect, We Wouldn’t Need Jesus … y’all, how true. And how important for us to remember as we focus on His death and resurrection this weekend.

My girl is past the Easter egg stage in life … but I love this collection of ideas about how to use our Easter eggs for Jesus from Courtney DeFeo. Especially for those of you who are hosting Easter dinner or will be celebrating with extended family, there are some great ideas in here for pointing us back to the heart of Easter.

Finally, I am loving this verse right now … such a beautiful reminder of God’s deep love for us and our identity in Him!

1 John 3:1

I’ll be offline most of the weekend … Easter weekend tends to be pretty busy for ministry families and ours is no exception. But I probably will be sharing glimpses of our church’s celebration on Instagram … would love for you to join me there if you haven’t already.

I pray your weekend will be full of awareness about the depths of God’s love for you. He is risen!


Teri Lynne

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