What I Learned in March

So, we are now one quarter through 2015 … what??? I am joining Emily and a bunch of others sharing what we learned this month. It’s so fun to read everyone’s discoveries.

baby farm animals, quick charging your phone, copyright infringement, and more ... What I Learned in March


Baby animals are awesome! My girl and I spent a couple of days with some friends who have a farm in Tennessee. Dry Hollow Farm had lots of babies for us to hold and feed and generally be goofy about.

Dry Hollow Farm

Pete Wilson who wrote Let Hope In {you know, the book I think EVERYONE should read} has a new book coming out! Y’all, I cannot wait to share more about it with you over the coming weeks.  But, he is offering an awesome opportunity for everyone who pre-orders What Keeps You Up at Night in the next 48 hours — 25 people who pre-order and submit their receipts will be chosen to attend a special dinner with Pete on April 29. {For more information, read this from the Pete Wilson’s website.}

What Keeps You Up at Night by Pete Wilson

I’m notorious for letting my phone battery die. That’s why I loved this genius idea to charge the battery pack instead of my phone. Also, my husband stays on me about turning my phone off completely. I do let the battery run down which powers off my phone … but I need to get into the habit of powering off all my devices.

So I didn’t learn in March that the incredible Kristen Strong has written her first book but I did learn that Myquillyn Smith wrote the foreword … and oh my gosh isn’t this cover amazing??

Girl Meets Change by Kristen Strong

I cannot wait to curl up with this book and a cup of tea {because Kristen is a tea lover} and pretend like I’m having a long conversation with a dear friend.

March also introduced me to this — Special Needs Parent Appreciation Month.

Special Needs Parents Appreciation Month

While I know countless people who have special needs children, my friend Sandra {whose birthday was this month!} is the one I know best.  And I deeply appreciate the website she runs for special needs families. It helps me know how to minister and encourage these incredible parents who each face unique challenges every. single. day.  Check out this information about Special Needs Parents Appreciation Month and begin now to pray for ways you can encourage and come alongside the people you know with special needs children.

There is an actual method to having a perfect work day … and I’ve actually been following a slightly modified version of it for the past two weeks and y’all! For real, this works!! No joke. I’ll share more about how I’ve tweaked this idea to fit the reality of my life right now soon.

Oh and something I really should have known but had no idea: The only part of a song you can legally quote or share online is the title! Anything else is a copyright infringement. Wowzers!

Also, I found out if you overstuff your washer because you are in a hurry to get all the laundry done, it won’t drain well and you’ll end up spending two hours waiting on sopping wet sheets to dry so you can go to bed. {not even joking and I really don’t want to talk about it. mmkay? thanks for understanding.}

I also was reminded that I don’t have to be a perfect mom {whew …} and there are ways to make busy weeks less stressful. I’m at Mothers of Daughters today sharing some important things I learned about helping my girl deal with disappointment.  I’d love for you to join me there today also!

And here are some of my favorite photos from March:

What I Learned in March

So tell me, what did you learn in March?


Teri Lynne


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  1. You beautiful friend. Thank you for your kind words about Girl Meets Change. I hope you and I can sit down for a real friend-to-friend conversation sometime soon.

    I loved the info you shared about the phone charger. Great to know! And ya, I found out about the song title/lyrics thing just a few months ago. I’ll give you one guess how! Heh.

    Love you, TL. You are a treasure! xo

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