Praying Scripture for our Daughters and our Marriages

When we root our prayers in the living and active Word of God those petitions become even more powerful and purposeful.

Praying Scripture is powerful!!

I suppose it’s not a big secret how much I love the Word of God. I’ve been seriously studying and teaching the Bible for the past twenty years. My ongoing prayer is that God will give me greater passion for His Word and a greater ability to communicate the truths it contains to others.

And, I suppose that makes it not a big surprise I want my girl to have that same passion for Scripture. In May, the prayer calendar for Prayers for Girls is focused on a deep love and abiding confidence in the Word of God. For most of the month we’ll be praying from Psalm 119. If you’ve never spent time in this beautiful passage, I highly encourage you to do so. It’s one of my favorite places to land in the Bible.

I’m sending out the May prayer calendar today and I wanted to make sure you knew about it … because maybe you have a girl you want to pray for (and maybe the girl you want to pray for is you). Since Prayers for Girls launched in late October over 1500 people have signed up to get the monthly prayer calendars. Y’all, overwhelmed doesn’t begin to cover how I feel. I still can’t believe God is letting me do this amazing thing of encouraging moms to pray Scripture for their girls.

But here’s what else I want you to know … these prayers are as much for me as they are for my girl. So often as I’m praying for her, I end up praying for me too. Because I need to remember that God has a good purpose and plan for my life and I need to be encouraged to love like He loves.

Praying Scripture is one of those disciplines God has used in my life to help me know His heart in a deeper way. I told Scott I have a lot of “verses to pray” series and posts around here. And I’m excited about the series coming in May … #MarriagePrayers. Scott and I are teaming up to share 31 verses you can pray for your marriage.

Praying Scripture is a powerful way to intercede for the people we love.

One of the most profound ways we invest in our marriage is through prayer. When we root our prayers in the living and active Word of God those petitions become even more powerful and purposeful.

#MarriagePrayers starts this Sunday, May 1st. Every post will be linked on my Facebook page and on Instagram … so be sure you’re following me in at least one of those places. I’ll also be sharing them on Twitter and Pinterest.  Basically, you can keep up with all of them via social media.  And I’ll have an index post also with links to each individual day’s post and prayer.

Y’all, I know we’re all busy. That’s why I want to make praying for the people you love as simple as possible … the prayer calendar and sharing prayers on social media are two of the best ways I know to do that. My heart is to equip others to pray with passion, with purpose, and with power. Prayers for Girls and #MarriagePrayers are two of the ways God is allowing me to do that right now. Join me and let’s be the generation that prays and sees God do immeasurably more than we could ever ask or imagine!


Teri Lynne

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When we root our prayers in the living and active Word of God those petitions become even more powerful and purposeful.


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