Stories Matter … Tell Yours

Stories matter.

When my husband asked me to share a part of my story for a night of worship at our church on Easter, I didn’t want to do it. I didn’t want to recall the hard and sinful places I’d been. I didn’t want to reopen the scarred over cuts. I didn’t want to remember the hopelessness. I didn’t want to revisit the brokenness and sinfulness.

The truth is, I wanted to stay right here, where I am now. I want you to see me the way I am now—the Bible teacher, the wife and mom, the encourager, the lover of the Word and of words.

Because, honestly, there is a part of me, the part that has known the sting of rejection, that part of me that holds back from sharing the depths from which God has saved me, that part doesn’t want to tell you all of my story because I’m afraid you’ll push me right back into that deep and dark water.

But stories matter.

There is one Author of all our stories. Maybe your story is the one that will connect with a broken heart somewhere. Stories matter. Tell yours!

Stories Matter … Tell Yours

When I sat down to write out what I wanted to say for that night at church, I thought about all the regret and rejection in my past. I recalled all the horrible choices and the haughty rebellion. And I wept.

Because that’s what happens when we know the depths of our sin—it breaks us wide open. I’d been there before and I knew the secret truth—that Jesus covers all the wide open spaces in our lives. But as I sat there at my desk, empty paper in front of me, my chest tightened and the tears fell.

Here’s what I shared:

When they showed the video at church on Easter night, I couldn’t even look up at it. I couldn’t look around. I just prayed that God would protect my heart.

You see, just an hour before that video was shown, I’d overheard some people saying hurtful things about Scott. I am sure they didn’t realize I could hear them and I’m equally sure they would say today they didn’t mean to hurt me. And, honestly, I think that’s true.

Nonetheless, I couldn’t breathe. Because what if those same people decided to turn their harsh words toward me.

I held back my tears in the same choir loft where almost three years ago I had a heart attack. Hurting hearts come in all different forms, I’d learned.

By the time we began the first song that night, I felt like I was being held together with scotch tape and string. We sang of the beautiful name of Christ. Two other members of our church shared their testimonies. And then there I was, on that big screen telling of a suicide attempt and how I’d asked Scott to leave the ministry one time.

Stories matter.

Because even though you may never have actually started swallowing pills, you have probably felt completely hopeless and alone. And while you may never have asked your husband to leave the ministry, if you’ve been in church for any length of time, you’ve probably been hurt deeply by the words of other Christians.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all been hurt and carried the weight of our sin. We know regret and rejection. We know hurting and heartbreak.

Our stories may not be the same. But they matter.

Because there is one Author of all our stories. One Hero. The same God who whispered into my heart that long ago night as I wept, “You are precious and I love you” — that same God says the same thing to you.

And, maybe He is asking you to share that love with someone else. Maybe your story is the one that will connect with a broken heart somewhere. 

There is one Author of all our stories. Maybe your story is the one that will connect with a broken heart somewhere. Stories matter. Tell yours!

That video has been shared and commented on a lot since it was first published Monday night. I’ve gotten messages from people who are hurting, from moms whose daughters are cutting or suicidal, from those who have avoided church because of the harsh words and judgment they’d experienced there.

And with each one, I find my tears fresh all over again. Because the truth is, I don’t have any great insight or words of wisdom. I just have this—


Time and again, in my deepest hurt, my darkest struggles, it’s been there, in the pages of His story where I have found hope and healing for my own.

Stories matter.

And so I share mine. And you should share yours. Because how could we not tell the story of our great Rescuer and Healer and Hope and Savior?

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Teri Lynne

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  1. Thank you for allowing us to look behind the scenes of your video to see what it took for you to share. Such an encouragement for us all to be brave when it really matters, even when it’s hard. So thankful for you and for what God has done in your life!

  2. Your story is beautiful! Thank you for your courage in sharing it with us. Such a wonderful reminder of how God’s word lasts forever; can comfort and give peace; and is for every one of us!!! May the Lord show His mighty favor to you, and pour out His rich blessings on you.

  3. Your story is such a blessing to so many, no doubt! I love how your trust in God shines through and the hope you give to others is the only hope we have–from God. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Oh Teri…thank you for your vulnerability. Thank you for your honesty. I am thankful that God is using every bit of your story to tell His. Our stories may not all be the same, but you’re right…we’ve all been there. I wish I could express in words what would take me hours to share with you after watching your video and reading this post. I’ve been EXTREMELY hurt through church, too. I could feel all of the emotions welling up within me even as I watched your story. I am writing this week’s podcast using Isaiah 43…not even kidding. I feel myself sometimes feeling like I’m held together with scotch tape and string, too. And…and…and… Thank you for guiding us back to the truth of His Word. May we be faithful reflections of Him to others, but when we’re not, or when others are not, may we always rely on God as revealed in is Word to BE true, and consistent, and loving, and present, and…and…and

    • Oh Michelle! Thank you … and I can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Isaiah 43 is sooo important to me and such a HUGE part of my story. So, yeah, if you’re talking about it, I’m there to hear!!

      And aren’t we thankful for scotch tape and string?? But most of all, for His living and active Word!!!

  5. This was powerful. Thanks for sharing your past hard time story, Teri. I love that God and his word has healed you and that now that past is talking and ministering to others. God is such a God of new beginnings and hope.

  6. Teri thank you so much for sharing this. I just had to comment to tell you…..not thirty minutes ago I stood crying over my kitchen sink. The Lord has led us into a very hard season this year. My husband lost his job in January….we are now being called into missions…..there’s been a lot of health issues…’s just been a season of hard. Exciting but hard. I was begging God to speak to me tenderly and to be with me. And then you quoted Isaiah 43 in this video. That’s my chapter! The Lord used you to speak those tender words of love over me that I had just begged for. Wow. I’m just so blown away by our awesome God who loves us so uniquely and specifically!

  7. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability in sharing your testimony and heart. You are such s blessing to me and my daughter with your faith and love for the Lord and His word.

  8. Teri, just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. What a beautiful testimony to the power of God , His Word and what it can do in your life! Your openness and honesty is so encouraging. You are an amazing woman and I’m so happy to reconnect with you through your online bible study! God bless you always.

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