Looking for a #SummerBibleStudy? How about James?

I haven’t taught a women’s Bible study in almost a year. With writing the book and teaching the college Sunday school class with Scott, I just haven’t been able to lead a group of women. I’m in a women’s Bible study but I’m not teaching. And it’s weird. And I really miss it.

I’ve been praying about when it will be time to step back into teaching regularly at my church and, so far, the space to do that hasn’t been available. But, a dear friend reminded me I don’t have to have a class at church to teach. Hmmm … good reminder.

In June, the Prayers for Girls prayer calendar is focused on James’ epistle. It’s one of my favorite books to teach. SO …

Join Teri Lynne Underwood for a #SummerBibleStudy on the Book of James. June 1—July 20. Let's dig into this little book full of insight an instruction about practical living.

#SummerBibleStudy of James

I thought this is a great time to invite all my girl mom friends and all my lopsided living friends to connect. And, what better way than through a Bible study?

On June 1, we’ll kick off the first #SummerBibleStudy and to make it super easy, we’ll do it all on Facebook. Every Thursday morning I’ll do about a one hour Facebook Live video on my page and provide the link to a handout/homework guide to guide you through the reading for each week.

Here’s the schedule:

June 1 — Introduction and James 1:1-8 {teaching video}
June 8 — James 1:9-18 {teaching video}
June 15 — James 1:19-27 {teaching video}
June 22 — James 2:1-26 {teaching video}
June 29 — Break
July 6 — James 3:1-18
July 13 — James 4:1-17
July 20 — James 5:1-20 and Conclusion

Sound good? I’m really excited. Also you can expect June and July to be full of news about Praying for Girls: Asking God for the Things They Need Most. I’ll be sharing some of the behind-the-scene about writing the book and the lessons I’ve learned through this process. {Spoiler: Most of what I learned has nothing to do with writing and everything to do with God’s faithfulness.}

And if you’re like me and need a reminder about the study, you can sign up below.  I’ll send you an email on Thursday mornings with the link to the handout for that week so you can be all ready to go. {Plus, you never know, there might be some extras just for those who sign up!}

I can’t wait to jump into this great book of the Bible with you!

And, invite a friend to join us!

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What’s your favorite verse from James? Share it in the comments.

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  1. So humble yourselves before God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come close to God, and God will come close to you. Wash your hands, you sinners; purify your hearts, for your loyalty is divided between God and the world. James 4:7-8

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