What I’m Loving {June 2017}

It’s been over a month since I’ve had a chance to go out to lunch with a friend. That’s a really long time for me. Normally I meet up with a friend for lunch or coffee about once a week.

And normally when we get together, we talk about what we’re loving — television shows, books, lip balms, or whatever else.

So, since I haven’t had a chance to share all of my latest loves with a friend, I’ve decided to share what I’m loving with you. Grab your coffee and let’s get to it!

What I'm Loving {June 2017} ... snacks, shows, shoes, and more!

What I’m Loving {June 2017}

Okay, these are not in any particular order.  And this may be the most random list of things I’ve ever shared on the blog. But, if you are looking for great pens, a new show, yummy drinks, fabulous lip balm, etc … I’m your girl. For real.

So, without further ado, here’s what I’m loving in June 2017 —

Young Living Vanillamint Lip Balm

So I don’t talk about essential oils a lot but I really love them. We use them a lot in our house I am always diffusing something. {My current favorite blend is peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavendar.} But, I also love the Young Living lip balms.  I use the lavendar at night (also the lavendar lotion which is amazing!) but my favorite through the day is vanillamint. It smells amazing! {I am not a Young Living distributor …. though after reading this again, I’m thinking I may should be. Ha!}

These adorable earrings from DaySpring’s Village Artisan line

Village Artisan Earrings from DaySpring Okay, I actually have the blue earrings but they are no longer available. But these coral ones are also very cute.  I realized the other day I wear mine at least 3 or 4 days a week. They are just the right weight and they work with almost every color. And now that I’m looking at the coral ones, I’m thinking for $12 I might need them too. {I am an affiliate for DaySpring. If you purchase through these links, I will receive a small commission.}

These pens from Dollar General

Love these pens from Dollar General! $1 for two!! Y’all! My friend Marguerite gave me some of these pens and they are amazing. Honest! I love them … and they are — wait for it — $1 for a 2-pack.  They only have black and blue as far as I know but these pens actually write smoother than my beloved Sharpie pens.  Now, they are not great for Bible journaling as they bleed more than Micron pens. But for adding information to my planner or writing notes, these are hands down my favorite pens.

Dove Raspberry and Honey Roasted Almond Mix

This is my favorite afternoon snack. Get some and thank me later!

This grey leather band for my Apple Watch

Love this gray leather watch band for my Apple Watch!One of my favorite things about my Apple Watch is being able to switch the bands to get different looks.  Scott got me this leather band and I love it. The gray is a perfect complement to my rose gold watch and this has become my “everyday” watch band. {affiliate link}

America’s Got Talent

We’re sort of addicted to this show. So many amazing acts! Though I have loved several acts, this one has been my favorite so far —

My Praying for Girls launch team!

Man, these women are fantastic! Super enthusiastic about sharing the book and incredibly encouraging to me. I’m just incredibly thankful for each one of them!

My $10 shoes from Shoe Carnival

How about these $10 shoes from the discount rack at Shoe Carnival!Enough said, right? Super cute!!

Home Town on HGTV

Have you watched this show?  Ben and Erin are adorable. And I love their enthusiasm for fixing up the old houses in their Mississippi town. Also, I’m just pretty sure we’d all be friends if Scott and I lived in Laurel.

Bai coconut water

Bai Coconut WaterCasiday and I are both huge fans of this beverage. My favorite flavor is the Maui Coconut Raspberry. Hmm, I guess there’s a theme with my fruit choices. haha! We get ours at Sam’s Club but you can find it anywhere. If you haven’t tried it, you should!

Okay, so that’s what I’m loving this month. But now I really want to know — what are you loving lately?


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