The Bottom Line about Your Quiet Time

Was one of your resolutions or goals for the new year related to time in the Word?

Maybe you decided you were going to read the Bible through this year. Perhaps you determined to get up earlier every day so you’d have more time to spend in prayer and Bible study.

And, if you made some sort of declaration in this area, it’s also likely that you’re already finding it hard to stay with it. {I feel ya, I’ve been there!}

Over the years, I have written a lot of posts about quiet times and how to have them and what to use and why they matter and what the goal is. In fact, there are over 50 posts on this topic. Clearly it’s something I am passionate about.

The bottom line is this — the goal of quiet times and Bible study is knowing God more intimately.

My friend Angie invited to me to join her for a conversation about quiet times and Bible study on Chatologie. We got pretty open about the struggles we’ve faced in developing a consistent habit, some of the methods we’ve used and resources we love, and we shared our favorites for 2018. You can listen to our conversation here.

I also wanted to share with you some of my favorite posts I’ve written about developing and sustaining a consistent quiet time. If you are looking for some encouragement or resources, these posts have plenty!

Quiet Time Posts

  • The Hows & Whys of a Quiet Time — “There isn’t a perfect quiet time. Period. Anyone who says you can have one is lying. We can’t have a perfect quiet time because we aren’t perfect. But we can commit to spending time with the One who is perfect.”
  • How to Develop a Consistent Quiet Time Once and for All — “When we stop trying to do it “right” and instead choose to remain in Him, to open the Word with a desire to encounter Him, to pray with a heart to hear him, that’s when our quiet time becomes the very thing we’ve longed for — a heart connection with the Lord.”
  • What’s the Point of a Quiet Time — “God isn’t looking for a checked-off list.  He is looking for women who are passionate about knowing Him.”
  • 10 Tips for a Great Quiet Time — “Spending time in the Word is important … but how that happens and for how long on any given day?  I’m just not sure that is quite as big a deal to God as it seems to be to us sometimes.”
  • 10 {More} Tips for a Great Quiet Time — “Different seasons of life will bring new challenges to your quiet time routines. As your life goes through the normal ups and downs, so too will your quiet time.”
  • 3 Tips for Finding Time to Read Your Bible — “In fact, when we make it our habit to pick up the Bible multiple times throughout the day, we are likely to find that what we’re reading sinks in deeper and has a more immediate impact on how we respond to situations and interact with people.”

The bottom line is this — the goal of quiet times and Bible study is knowing God more intimately.

The bottom line is this — the goals of quiet times and Bible study is KNOWING GOD more intimately.

And there isn’t a perfect or one-size-fits-all or one way works for your whole life method to doing this. Seasons of your life will bring changes and new challenges. But when our eyes are fixed on Christ and our hearts are focused on building a deeper relationship with Him, our quiet times and Bible study will adapt and adjust so we continue to grow.

Don’t forget you can listen to Angie’s and my conversation right here.

What is one of your favorite Bible studies or quiet time resources?

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