FIRST ASK WHY {an interview with author Shelly Wildman}

I love birthdays! Even though my birthday is at the beginning of October, I always feel like I should get to celebrate all month long.  But it isn’t just people birthdays I love — I also get super excited about book birthdays! And today is the birthday of a book […]

What I’m Reading {March 2018}

I can’t believe it’s already March and I’m just now sharing my first What I’m Reading post of the year. Crazy. But that probably also tells you how little I’ve actually had time to read. (insert very sad face) Nonetheless, I couldn’t let 2018 get any further along without sharing […]

Three Things Worth Fighting About

I’m so thrilled to have my new friend Lee Nienhuis sharing today.  Lee’s brand new book is Brave Moms, Brave Kids: A Battle Plan for Raising Heroes. And y’all, it. is. fantastic. I wish I’d had it when Casiday was little but the truths contained are timeless.  Whether our children […]

{Book Review} Reading People by Anne Bogel

I’m a personality test junkie. Seriously. All of them. I mean, ALL of them. Like even the “Which Disney Princess Are You?” kind on Buzz Feed. {Book Review} Reading People by Anne Bogel Since I have such a powerful affection for all things personality, I couldn’t help but get Anne […]