Dear Cam Newton, Keep Pounding!

Dear Cam Newton, Keep pounding! Seriously. I know the loss in Super Bowl 50 was devastating. And the press conference was a disaster for you in several ways. But I bet today, with over 24 hours between you and Sunday, you’re beginning to see clearly again. While I’m not a […]

Dear Monday, It’s Not You. It’s Me.

Dear Monday, It’s not you. It’s me. I know you have to visit. And I don’t really mind normally. In fact, I usually like you with your fresh starts and blank slate. In fact, I usually think of you as a generous friend with your opportunity to do it better. […]

Top 10 Posts of 2015

Can you believe we’re less than a week away from 2016? This year feels like it passed so quickly.  All those moms who smiled at me when my girl was a baby and said, “Don’t blink!” were so right!!  My girl will turn 16 in less than two months.  What?? […]

Things I’m Loving These Days

Y’all, it’s been a crazy few weeks for the Underwood family.  We’ve had parties and ball games and family visits and all three of us managed to get sick too. {Because, really, what’s a busy holiday season without everyone needing antibiotic and steriod shots. ha!} But here’s the thing, I […]

50 Gifts for Teenage Girls {$50 and Under}

For the record, in my experience,  the best gift for a teenage girl is, almost always, a gift card. Because no matter what you pick out—even if you buy it at 11:30 p.m. on Christmas Eve from the last minute additions to her “this is all I want for Christmas” 20-page list […]

A Few Things on Friday the 13th

This morning when I was having my quiet time I realized it is Friday the 13th. Which of course took me back to my high school days in the late 1980s and made me think of all the horror/slasher films that I watched {and by watched I mean held my […]