STAND OUT: 7 traits of a counter cultural life

Welcome to my 6th 31 days series! Sixth. Y'all, I've been blogging forever. :) I'm thrilled you are here and I hope this month will be one full of encouragement and inspiration for you. We'll be spending the month of October talking about this: Counter cultural has become one of the buzz words in our church vernacular. A quick Google search on the topic will lead to millions {literally!} of results ... blog posts and books abound. So, you're probably wondering, why have I decided to ... [Read More]

My 2015 31 Days Series Sneak Peek

Every October I join the throngs who write 31 days straight.  Here are the series I've done in previous years: 2010: 31 Days Under Construction {notes from real-life journal} 2011: 31 Days of Joy {a journey through Philippians} 2012: 31 Days of #MustRead 31 Days Series {a gathering of great links!} 2013: 31 Days of Living Well {in full disclosure, this series I never quite finished ... draw your own conclusions about what that says about me! LOL} 2014: 31 Verses to Pray for Your Girl ... [Read More]