#MustRead 31 Days Series 31 Days of Football

You knew it was coming, right?  I mean really ... it was too tempting for me to pass up ... This series at A Simple String of Pearls is awesome ... recipes, crafts, games, and general pigskin fun!  I mean, if she were an Auburn fan, this would be the perfect 31 days series!! It's been a fun month, huh?  Thanks for joining me and I hope you found a new blog or two you enjoy! ... [Read More]

#MustRead 31 Days Series Leanne Penny

I found this series on October 9 ... thanks to a tweet from Anne Bogel.  I read the post for that day and then scrolled back to read all the previous posts.  And I cried. These posts are beautiful and honest and filled with such earnestness.  If you know anyone who suffers from depression, especially if it is someone in your family, these posts will reach down deep inside you. I'm so thankful I clicked over when Anne tweeted about this series. I highly recommend 31 Days of Letters to My ... [Read More]

#MustRead 31 Days Series Nesting and Nibbling

I love fall!  Seriously ... I love to decorate for fall, bake for fall, and make soups for fall. Of course I had to share this series with you: This series has a bit of everything autumnal.  If you love the flavors and beauty of fall, you definitely need to check out 31 Days of Fall Favorites at Nesting and Nibbling. ... [Read More]

#MustRead 31 Days Series Encouraging Words for Writers

I first met Bonita at Relevant (now Allume) two years ago.  We had a lovely conversation over breakfast with Erin Ulrich and then I realized I was late leaving for the airport to catch my plane. Since then, Bonita has been a gracious and kind encourager in my life.  Her 31 days series is wonderful! Some of these I'd heard before, but many have been new to me.  Check out 31 Days of Quotes for Writers ... and go ahead and subscribe to Bonita's blog there too.  You won't regret it! ... [Read More]

#MustRead 31 Days Series Slow Cooking

I'm all about the crock pot.  And the bread machine.  And basically anything that makes a yummy meal with very little effort on my part.  :) So, of course when I saw this, I was all in! I love this series on Elephant Grace ... 31 Days of Slow Cooker Deliciousness. Seriously, y'all, sign. me. up. I love especially that she has main dishes, side dishes, and desserts.  I have a new Pinterest board for slow cooking since I have so many new recipes to try!   ... [Read More]