#MustRead 31 Days SeriesAmy in Wanderland

This one is for all my book-loving friends!  Amy is a middle-school librarian with four children (including a 7th grade daughter like I have) so she is "in the know" on the topic of young adult fiction.  I'm excited about her series and can't wait to add to my list of books to read and share with my daughter. So, this week's All Things Bookish post is actually an invitation from me for you to join me at Amy's place this month for some fabulous book recommendations. Check out 31 Days of Young ... [Read More]

#MustRead 31 Days Series

Lazy, crazy, or cheating? I have no idea but last year there were so many incredible 31 Days series and I feel like I missed so many of them.  At Relevant (now Allume Social), I joked with Nester that I ought to do "31 Days of 31 Day Series You Missed While You Were Busy Writing Your Own 31 Days" series.   We laughed about it but somewhere in the back of my mind, the idea stuck. Then I got busy writing a book, co-authoring a book, and writing another book.  A 31 Days series of any kind ... [Read More]