#MustRead 31 Days Series Gracious Southerner

Christmas is two months from today. Okay.  You're hopefully not in cardiac arrest.  I mean, the Christmas decorations have been out at WalMart, Target, and Hobby Lobby for at least a month. One of the treasures I found in my Must Read 31 Days hunt is this one: Gold, y'all, pure gold.  It's practical and the posts are fairly short.  And most of them don't involve a hot glue gun!  This is NOT a crafty series ... this is a nuts and bolts, don't forget about this, and don't forget to slow down ... [Read More]

#MustRead 31 Days Series Small Town Life

I'm a small town girl.  I was born in Kennett, MO (hometown of Sheryl Crow, population 10,000).   I spent most of my childhood in small town Oklahoma—Prague (population 2300) and Fairview (population 2600).  I went to college in Bolivar, MO (population 10,000).  I currently reside in Russellville, AL (population 8000). I cannot even count all the things I love about small town life.  For the 10 years we were in a larger city in Georgia, both my husband and I yearned to move back to a small town ... [Read More]

#MustRead 31 Days Series Fostering Love at Home

Y'all, I have loved Ashley Wells forever.  We were roomies the first year of Relevant (now Allume).  She is generous, kind, smart, and has the biggest heart of anyone I know. Her series this month is rich and beautiful and, be warned!, might bring you to tears.  She's the foster mother to four children they are hoping to adopt.  And she's inviting us into her journey: Ashley wrote a book about her journey through infertility and now she's using that same openness and humility to take us on a ... [Read More]

#MustRead 31Days Series The Deliberate Reader

I'm a reader ... and typically a nonfiction reader.  (Though with the free books available for my Kindle Paperwhite, I do find myself reading a lot more fiction lately.  I've got a list of clean fiction recommendations you might want to check out.}  Anywho ... bac k to the whole nonfiction reader thing.  I am loving this series from The Deliberate Reader (which is, by the way, a FAB site for all you reading people). I had her Day 7 recommendation on my wish list already but Sheila {like Amy!} ... [Read More]