The Fringe Hours {book review}

I mentioned a few weeks ago how much I love my journaling Bible. I really do. I'm not particularly artistic but I am enjoying learning to do hand lettering and to use Scripture to form my own brand of art. It's becoming one of those releases for me ... a time when I am both challenged and inspired. And I love doing it. {I actually have sold a few of my prints ... who knew??} There is something equally relaxing and stimulating about taking time to do something I love. Whether the something is ... [Read More]

2015 Reading List

Every year I share the books I've read along with the reviews I posted, if applicable. I hope you find some good reads in this list and I'd love for you to share what you're reading in the comments. Also, be sure to check back because I do try to keep this list up-to-date. I'll be reviewing many of these books throughout the year also. Happy Reading!! Teri Lynne Please note, most of these are affiliate links and I will receive a small commission if you purchase through them which is applied ... [Read More]

10 Great Christmas Books

Remember how I said I haven't been online much lately because when there are a few spare moments I'd rather read a book? I was thinking you all might like to know what some of my Christmas favorites are. I've gathered up ten of my favorites—which you need to know was really hard because we have probably 150 or more Christmas books in this house. But these are the ones I'm especially loving this year. These are great Christmas books — fiction, nonfiction, devotional, advent ... a little ... [Read More]

Learning to Love Well

For the record, 42-year-olds are really not meant for dorm life. At least not this 42-year-old. In case you missed all the photos on Instagram, I spent nearly two weeks with my girl at cheer camp and then youth camp. I should also mention this 42-year-old is really not meant to spend that much time away from home. :) I'm so glad I went with her — those long conversations and belly laughs in the car as we drove from one camp to the other were worth far more than the lack of sleep. {And the ... [Read More]

10 Great Books for Moms

I've been writing a lot {okay, mostly}about parenting lately.  There are several reasons for that but the main one is, right now, it's just hard.  I think I might have mentioned before how much more challenging parenting a teenager is than I'd ever dreamed.  And I'm not alone.  I get phone calls and texts and emails almost every day from friends who are trying to navigate these tricky waters without going under and without losing their kids {and their minds!} to the riptides that keep popping ... [Read More]