Wholly Devoted?

One life, wholly devoted to God, is of more value to God than a hundred lives simply awakened by God's spirit.  D. L. Moody Oh that I may be a "one" rather than one of "a hundred"! What quote or verse have you read or heard lately that is sticking to you? {Image Credit}   ... [Read More]

Visions of Autumn {Giveaway}

{Giveaway is now closed. Thanks to all who entered.}   The leaves ... the crisp air ... the clear skies.   The past few days have been absolutely gorgeous here in North Alabama.    We've enjoyed the vibrant colors of autumn after missing them for ten years while we were way down in South Georgia.   Yes, the leaves sometimes end up in corners and we find ourselves exhausted, weary, and in spiritual apathy.  But sometimes, it seems just the opposite.   The leaves fall and this season ... [Read More]

Leaves in Corners

These leaves, blown into the corner of the concrete steps that lead to our front door, they speak to me. Not a reminder of the need to rake (though that certainly is necessary) but of a weariness that often enters my soul this time of year.   As the sun shines fewer hours and the temperatures drop, the gold and crimson leaves begin to turn brown.   They fall to the ground, speckled with dots of infection, and they alternate wet from the autumnal rains and dried out, dying from being disconnected ... [Read More]