10 Gifts for Teenage Girls under $25

While I may not be an expert on teenage boys, I do have some experience with teenage girls ... you know, what with being one once and now having one in my home.  So, as promised, here is a list of 10 gifts for teenage girls {under $25!}. [For the sake of my daughter who might think this list is a hint of what's under the tree, I should say these suggestions may or may not have been purchased this year but they are based on the oohs and ahhs observed while shopping as well as hours spent ... [Read More]

10 Gifts for Teenage Boys under $25

Facts you need to know before you read any further. I am a girl. I've always been a girl and I'm a girly girl on top of that. I like pink and pretty. I know all about doing hair and nails and makeup. I know where to find the best deal on cute tights and how many bobby pins it takes to keep a cheerleader's high pony tail in tact for four basketball games. I have a girl. She's also a girly girl.  She likes cute boots and comfy hoodies. Her bathroom is full of perfumes, nail polishes, and ... [Read More]

20 Gifts that Fit inside Freeset Box Bags

It's no secret I love Freeset! I have a collection of their bags and have given several as gifts.  They are high quality, beautiful, and {best of all} each bag is made by women in India who have been rescued from human trafficking.  Freeset is an incredible organization and I am thrilled to be a part of the 12 Days of Freedom project again this year. This year, I get to chat about the amazing Box Bags!  These are definitely one of my favorite Freeset products.  And, since I'd imagine many of ... [Read More]

10 Great Gifts for the Men on Your List

Guys can be really hard to buy for, you know?  Especially if your guy isn't a golfer, hunter, fisher, or ridiculous sports fanatic.  And it's all harder if you have a guy like mine who usually just saves up for whatever he wants and buys it for himself ... or adds items to his list that you feel incredibly ill-equipped to purchase.  So, with the help of said guy, we've come up with a list for all you, like me, who wonder what on earth to give the guys on your list. Shaving Kit — Lots ... [Read More]

12 Days of Freedom … Join the Freedom Story!

I adore Freeset bags!  I have three ... and every single time I carry one I get asked where I got it.  I love answering that question! For the second year in a row, I'm thankful to be a part of Freeset's Christmas campaign to raise awareness about what they do and women they help.   They call it 12 Days of Freedom ... I call it a great way to buy an awesome bag for someone on your list! Here's what Freeset does: Freeset is in business for freedom. Freedom from human trafficking. Freeset is a ... [Read More]

Giving {Living} Beyond: Freeset USA

One of the best parts of blogging is meeting amazing people and having the opportunity to partner with incredible ministries.  Today, I'd like to share with you about Freeset USA and one of the women they are helping. Meet Kajori ... “After the first meeting with Kerry I promised that if I got the job I would quit the line...” It might be 10 years since that meeting happened, but Kajori remembers it clearly, “After training was completed, Kerry then asked who was willing to quit the line. I ... [Read More]