For Your Weekend

I'm sitting here listening to the rain {and hoping the wind won't blow it in through my open windows} and contemplating the depths of God's love for me. I hope you know how vast is the love God has for you. Easter is the high point in the Christian church — the celebration of Christ's victory over death and our hope for eternal life.   This post from House of Hendrix — I promise, just read it. The most beautiful description of friendship I have read in a very long time.  After I'd ... [Read More]

When Lent Presses In

"It occurred to me that perhaps what God calls us to give up, really, is ourselves."   Kris Cameally, Introduction to Holey, Wholly, Holy It's 7:10 on Tuesday night. It's been a busy few days and the next two weeks are no less chaotic. We've eaten dinner and done the dishes. I'm sitting in my favorite corner of the couch in my favorite yoga pants and one of my husband's fleece pullovers. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday. I'm 41 and for most of my life that was just a little notation on the calendar. ... [Read More]