Is Your Right Now Life a Little Disappointing?

Let's face it, some days, our right now lives are not at all what we had hoped, dreamed, or expected. In fact, your right now life may even be a little disappointing to you. It happens. For most of us, we don't stay in that place of disappointment or disillusionment. But I am just about 100% sure we all visit there from time to time. That's why I can't wait to share some exciting news with you today! Is Your Right Now Life a Little Disappointing? Maybe you're in the middle of one of ... [Read More]

Planning for the Holidays {3 questions you must answer}

Thanksgiving is just over a week away. Y'all, for real. I cannot figure out where 2017 has gone. But here's what I know, as quickly as the past ten months have flown by, the next two will go even faster. Which means, I need to have a plan in place if I want to be intentional and experience the wonder of the holidays. Planning for the Holidays {3 questions you MUST answer} One of my biggest goals is to be focused on the people and purpose of the holidays and not get distracted by the ... [Read More]

The Gift of LAUGHTER

A couple of years ago my family told me I don't laugh very much. I argued with them to assure them I do laugh. But they were adamant than I didn't laugh very much around them. It seems I was always trying to get something done or frustrated because they were goofing off when I needed help. My husband and my daughter rattled off all the reasons I didn't laugh ... and I realized something — they were right. I wasn't laughing very much, at least not at home. The Gift of Laughter Somehow ... [Read More]


The benefit of the doubt. It's one of those things we all want to receive ... but sometimes we are not as good as giving it to others. But if I've learned anything about relationships in my forty-six years, it's this—the gift of understanding is one of the most precious things we can give our friends. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, the gift of understanding is necessary for a friendship to last over the long haul. THE GIFT OF UNDERSTANDING I haven't always been great at this—in ... [Read More]

The Gift of PEACE

We live in a contentious time, y'all. It seems as if people are longing for a fight and looking to be offended. Between 24-hour "news" and our social media feeds, we can find a reason to be hostile or hurt without much effort at all. And, I don't know about you, but it all makes me want to binge watch 80s sitcoms and eat all the Ben & Jerry's. Unfortunately, that doesn't make any sort of impact on the conversations or the relationships. THE GIFT OF PEACE One of the great ... [Read More]

The Gift of SONG

Do you remember the group Hanson? Their song "Mmmm Bop" was popular in the late 90s. The lyrics weren't especially compelling but pretty much everyone I know was humming the song. Why? Because it was so catchy. It's funny isn't it, the way a tune can get stuck in our heads. THE GIFT OF SONG But sometimes we get a song stuck in our heads and we really — REALLY — wish it would go away. Right? So we try listening to other music or distracting ourselves to get the words and tune replaced ... [Read More]