{encouraging words} His Love Changes Everything

I'm reading an incredible book right now: Let Hope In by Pete Wilson.  I've finished the first eight chapters and I think I've underlined over half of it.  I'll be sharing a full review in early November but this weekend, I just wanted to share some of the wisdom Pete has offered.  I love this reminder that my redemption isn't based on me and what I do or who I am ... it's all God. And His love truly does change everything! This weekend and as you prepare your heart for worship tomorrow, ... [Read More]

{Encouraging Words} Giving God Priority

It's so easy to get distracted by all the things on our lists and all the people in our lives. But living well has to start with an intimate relationship with Christ. While I firmly believe there is no such thing as a perfect quiet time, I just as firmly stand on the truth that we all need to devote time each day to prayer and reading our Bibles. Maybe you've struggled with this ... there have been times in my life when I have as well.  But know this, it's worth the effort it takes to get ... [Read More]

{Encouraging Words} Living Sacrifices

Recently I was part of a discussion about sacrifices and what it means to be a living sacrifice for the Lord. I made note there are only two examples of living sacrifices in the Bible: Isaac and Jesus Christ.  The thing is, a living sacrifice CHOOSES to remain on the altar.  A living sacrifice trusts the Father with everything, surrendering every part of life to His able care. If we are going to live well, we must determine to be living sacrifices offering ourselves entirely to the ... [Read More]

Always Remember

It's hard to always remember those things, isn't it?  But oh so important that we do ... Happy Thursday! ~~~~~  Don't forget about the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle ... 97 ebooks for under $30!  Only available until Saturday! ~~~~~  image source: canstockphoto.com ... [Read More]

A Time of Waiting

As I'm learning to listen this year, the Lord is teaching me something amazing. He slows me so He can show me. That slowing isn't punishment or discipline, it's a gift He offers.  Sadly though, I think it's a gift we reject far too often.  We'd rather be busy, accomplishing, working, straining, pushing.   Oh we say we wish we could slow down, could find quiet spaces to hear from Him, but most of us don't really want that.   We are afraid. Afraid of what He'll say. Afraid of what He'll ... [Read More]

What We Say

  Another great quote I've found about listening.  I've been thinking a lot about how what we say is influenced by what we hear. How do you find your speaking influenced by your listening? ... [Read More]