Kanye’s Sunday Service + Making Jesus’ Name Known

Of all the things I ever dreamed I would be writing about in 2020, this one never even crossed my mind. But here I am, on a quiet Tuesday morning, tapping out words about what I saw and experienced Strength to Stand this weekend. Scott and I took eight of the girls from our church to Scott Dawson's winter conference over MLK weekend. It was their second year to attend and they love it. If you've never been in a room with thousands of students engaged in worship, it's an incredible experience. ... [Read More]

7 Bible Studies to Jump Start 2020

Here we are at the end of December. It seems like one of the things I keep hearing my friends talk about is wanting to be more intentional about Bible study in 2020. I've been asked for resource recommendations and suggestions about how to start and maintain a time in the Word. I'll be sharing more about this topic throughout the month of January. Today, though, I thought I'd share a few Bible studies that I think can help you kick off the new year in a big way. These are seven studies I ... [Read More]

Best Faith Inspiring Gifts for Teen & Young Adult Girls

It's hard sometimes to figure out what to get our girls as they get older. Long gone are the days when we could walk down that Barbie aisle or hit up the American Girl store and be done. Clothes are often a risky proposition and somehow it's not the same to have our girls open up boxes with gift cards inside. {I do have lists for tweens and for little girls also.} I love choosing gifts for my almost 20-year-old daughter that will inspire her to continue growing spiritually. I'm always on ... [Read More]

5 Truths We Need to Trust

We're praying for our girls to find their identity in Christ this quarter. One of the moms asked me how I define identity from a biblical perspective. I told her what I've always told my daughter, that our true identity is who God says we are. But here's the thing, I know how large the gap can be between KNOWING what God says about who we are and BELIEVING what God says about who we are. One of my favorite passages about our identity and our place in the Lord is Isaiah 43. Last week I ... [Read More]

Two Lists You REALLY Need

Welcome to Day 28 of 31 Ways to Embrace Lopsided Living! I've learned a lot since I first started practicing this idea of Lopsided Living almost ten years ago. And one thing I know for certain — I often experience times of great success in living life this way and there have been seasons when I have known nothing but epic failure. Why am I telling you this? I mean, you're reading because you want to know this is doable and you can actually have the abundant life God offers every day, right? ... [Read More]

Why Does Memorizing Scripture Matter?

When we lived in Georgia, I was honored to be a mentor to high school and college girls as well as several women. While the topics we discussed and Scriptures we studied were varied, there were always two disciplines I focused on with each person: Daily Bible study and Scripture memorization. I've written a lot about the value of a good quiet time but I haven't written so much about memorizing the Word of God.  I'm not sure why, except that it is hard for me. I can read and study all day ... [Read More]