On Accusers and Adulterers … and What Grace Really Looks Like

Have you ever read a familiar passage of Scripture, one you've studied and taught and heard countless sermons about, and then one day you read it and the Holy Spirit whispers something entirely new to you, a glimpse of something you had never considered?  Yeah, that happened to me yesterday. I'm using the She Reads Truth Women in the Word plan this summer. {And I love it, by the way!} Yesterday was Day 7 in the New Testament readings. John 8:1-11 ... the adulterous woman. You know the ... [Read More]

Learning to Love Well

For the record, 42-year-olds are really not meant for dorm life. At least not this 42-year-old. In case you missed all the photos on Instagram, I spent nearly two weeks with my girl at cheer camp and then youth camp. I should also mention this 42-year-old is really not meant to spend that much time away from home. :) I'm so glad I went with her — those long conversations and belly laughs in the car as we drove from one camp to the other were worth far more than the lack of sleep. {And the ... [Read More]

Uncomfortable Places

So, yeah, I'm still here. I want to share everything — all. the. stuff. — God has been showing me and doing in and around me. I start pecking out words on the keyboard and somehow what I write seems small compared to what I'm experiencing. The words are not enough to explain and reveal the layers of all I'm learning. But there's also this other thing, this tugging awareness that sometimes what God reveals to me is not for public consumption. Sometimes, He isn't teaching me so I'll teach ... [Read More]

New Believers Class, Suicide Attempts, and Snapshots of Grace

I'm teaching a new believers class at my church.  And I'm leading what I've begun calling a "Bible in 490 Days" group.   I have to admit, I am far more uncomfortable teaching the new believers class.  I feel woefully inadequate. I looked around the room and the only thought I had was, "Lord, I'm such a mess. What can I tell them? How do I encourage them? And what about the truth that this whole disciple thing is just hard?  What do I do with that?" It was 15 minutes past time to begin and I ... [Read More]

I Was Wrong

"If you don't have time to spend in Bible study every day then your priorities are wrong." It hurts me to type that sentence.  Because it is embarrassing to me that I have said it many times to people who didn't need to be admonished, they needed to be heard and encouraged. About two or three years ago, the Lord began showing me the depth of my pride and self-righteousness in the area of daily Bible study.  I used to judge people who said they just didn't have time to spend a lot of time ... [Read More]

The Husband’s Favorites: Day 5 {On Prayer Rocks}

{Another really old post.  But one that is definitely worth revisiting.   I hope you have enjoyed this week.  I think adding Scott's favorites here and there might become a regular feature around here.  It's been nice to have his perspective.} One of my favorite things is creativity and practicality. That is why I first loved this idea and it was very special to me how our daughter latched on to it and picked this up. Thanks for encouraging her in it and the encouragement you give to so many on ... [Read More]