My Vacation Priorities

Y'all, we are headed to the Smoky Mountains today for a week-long vacation. I'm soooo excited. Seriously. We all three are looking forward to doing all the things we love in the mountains — pancakes at Log Cabin Pancake House, DollyWood, tubing the Ocoee, and driving through Cade's Cove. We may even manage a hike up to Clingman's Dome this year. Scott's grandparents are going with us so I feel sure there will be a Rook game or two in the evenings and we may even be able to talk Casiday into ... [Read More]

How Will You Respond to Summer Chaos?

Four weeks from yesterday my daughter's sophomore year in high school will begin. Seriously, y'all? I'm beside myself wondering where the time has gone. For example ... This summer has flown by and in the few weeks we have left the chaos won't slow down.  It seems like the older my girl gets, the fewer days we have for just doing nothing. When I look at the calendar marked up with days away from home and the days we are home with their doctor appointments and church activities, I have a ... [Read More]

What I Learned this Summer

There's this blog I read every day because it's awesome and inspires me and makes me feel like given enough white paint ANYTHING can be beautiful.  Well, the incredible Myquillyn Smith {whose book is amazing!} has a sister who is precious in every possible way.  So, anyway, in all the bizarreness that was my route to She Speaks this year, the coolest moment was getting this email. What??? Let's just say I might have jumped up and down with excitement. Then reality sunk in and I realized I ... [Read More]

Summer Update

I'm the worst blogger ever. It's true ... I want to write.  I mean to write. But then somehow I end up watching a "Friends" marathon with my girl and I realize how very uninteresting a story that makes so I make a list of blog posts I could write.  You know, things like "101 books you should read this summer" or "Tips for Looking Busy" ... The thing is, well, there's been a lot going on around here and I'm pretty much an epic failure at multitasking. {And perhaps I have a very low standard ... [Read More]