10 Tips for a Happy Thanksgiving

I know ... Thanksgiving is happy.  But it's also very stressful and chaotic, especially for the mom/chef/baker/photograph taker.    So, I thought I'd offer some ideas for the most frantic demographic on Thanksgiving Day - the moms. Make double of whatever you can.   This won't actually save you any time now; but, at Christmas when your mac & cheese is already mixed up and in the freezer ready to be thawed and cooked, you'll be glad you did it!  {I make double mac & cheese, ... [Read More]

Beat Holiday Chaos: 4 Ideas for Staying Focused

Less than a week until Thanksgiving ... just over a month until Christmas.  Perhaps your calendar looks a little bit like mine ... c.r.a.z.y. But, before the mayhem begins, I'd like to share with you four ideas for staying focused on what really matters during this holiday season. Read the Gospel of Luke during December.  There are 24 chapters so reading a chapter a day takes you through the life of Christ before we celebrate His birth. Involve your family in the decisions.  Ask each ... [Read More]

10 Thanksgiving Stocking Ideas

Today I want to share one of our favorite holiday traditions … the Thanksgiving stocking!! Each year to kick off the actual Christmas season, we give Thanksgiving stockings. Given after the Thanksgiving meal is cleaned up and everyone is ready for a nap – except the children! – these stockings contain the most wonderful assortment of goodies.  We figured out early in our marriage that it is no fun to give Christmas ornaments and such on Christmas because you cannot enjoy them through the ... [Read More]

{Top Ten} Ways to Use a Silverware Caddy

Sometimes you get something and it's just too cool to use exclusively for its intended purpose.  Ya know?  That's how I feel about the Give Thanks Wooden Caddy I received recently from Dayspring.   It's absolutely gorgeous ... and so I decided to figure out some ways to use it beyond the obvious.   I did find quite a few! 1.  The Obvious image from www.dayspring.com 2.  A Cornucopia 3.  Candles 4.  Dish Rags 5.  Art Supplies 6.  Facecloths 7.  Flowers 8.  Bookend 9.  Remote Control ... [Read More]