3 Reasons the Church Matters

Welcome to day 24 of STAND OUT: 7 traits of a counter cultural life. You can find every post in this series indexed here. We're wrapping up the discussion about DEPENDENCE today. In a society that values self-sufficiency and independence, one of the most radical ways we live counter culturally is to acknowledge our need for relationship both with God and with others. We were created with an inherent desire for connection with God and community with others. As believers, we also have a ... [Read More]

Church: What if the Problem is Me?

So, apparently every church isn't like mine.  Hmm ... that's a shocker.  Oh wait!  No, it's not ... because every Sunday at my church isn't like the one I described yesterday.   In fact, there are lots of Sundays where I am guilty of going through the motions.  I bet there are even Sundays when the pastor, staff, Bible study teachers, and (gasp!) even other members are guilty of the same thing. The question here isn't if churches or church leadership  are flawed.   That is a given!   The ... [Read More]