Choose, Don’t Compare or Compete

Never compare your life’s journey with anyone else’s.  Your journey is your journey; not a competition.  Unknown

choose don't compare

Far too often we waste our days comparing and competing.  But what would happen if we chose instead?

What if we chose prayer instead of Pinterest?

Or family instead of Facebook?

What if we chose success in our marriages over success in marketing?

Or more parenting over more page views?

What would happen if for one week we refused to listen to the enemy’s scheming?  If we stopped comparing our journey to someone else’s?  If we stopped riding the social media merry-go-round?

What if we rejected the idea that success is found in publishing deals and speaking invitations?  If we gave up the competition for “most busy”?  

What if, for just one week, we chose compassion over comparison and contentment over competition?

What if?

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  1. I was talking about this with a friend last night…I constantly compare my life to other peoples’ and it kills my joy! Really need to stop this and find contentment in all the amazing blessings in my life.

  2. For such a time as this, I have given up social media for a weekend or a few days–and it really helps. So does spring finally arriving 🙂

  3. Beautiful Teri! I was just thinking of writing about this. I’m finding myself comparing myself to YOUNG fashion bloggers. Why do we do this?
    thanks for the reminder to choose!

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