#MustRead 31 Days Series Housewife in Town

My girl is in 7th grade at the local public school.  She takes her lunch almost every day because the school food is, and I quote, "Disgusting." I'm always on the hunt for great school lunch ideas.  Housewife in Town has come to my rescue with her series this month: I'm super excited to read this series and find at least a few new ideas for my girl's lunch box ... and even some great ideas for my lunches at home as well. ... [Read More]

#MustRead 31 Days SeriesA Slob Comes Clean

Oh my word, y'all!  Hilarious ... Nony (short for Anonymous) has an awesome blog.  She's real and honest and truly one of the funniest writers ever. This year she is doing 31 Days of {Lame} Excuses. Here's what she says about her series, I’m going to identify those as excuses and admit that one of the biggest reasons my house gets out of control is that I’m incredibly gifted at excuse-making. Perhaps you can relate? So, there you go ... the fourth in my #31DaysMustReads series.  Keep up ... [Read More]

#MustReads 31 Days Series 31 Days of Sewing Tips

I took Home Ec in high school.  In fact I was President of our local Future Homemakers of America chapter.  I own a sewing machine and have done a few little sewing projects.  But I'd love to be a more proficient seamstress. So this series at The Dressmaker's Muse totally appealed to me.  31 Days of Sewing Tips.  I love that she's started with simple things like pressing seams.  If you have ever wanted to learn the basics of sewing or if you just need a refresher course ... this just might be ... [Read More]

#MustReads 31 Days Series Little Progress Notes

Sheer genius ... I'm not even joking!  What an incredible idea to write a novella in 31 parts during October.  I admit I have found myself capitivated and eagerly awaiting the next day's installment of Little Progress Notes' series. You should really check this out.  ... [Read More]

#MustReads 31 Days Series Growing with Grabbie

So I have a daughter ... she's amazing.  (And at 12-1/2 also frustrating!)  When I ran across this series from Growing with Grabbie, I knew it would be something I'd love. I've written a series of letters to myself about parenting.  My girl and I have a journal we pass back and forth with letters to each other.  Clearly, I believe in the power of the written word.   The letters in this 31 Days of Letters to my Daughter series are tender and sweet.  I must warn you though, you might need a ... [Read More]

#MustReads 31 Days Series Home with the Boys

Do you know Erin?  She is absolutely precious.  She consistently inspires me in countless ways from parenting to fitness.  Erin has an impeccable fashion sense and is a rabid college football fan ... and she loves books. Yeah, she's awesome in every possible way! This month she's doing an amazing series ... I love that she is taking practical, easy-to-do suggestions and reinforcing them with solid biblical truth.  If you are looking for ways to build the ties in your family (and who ... [Read More]