One Amazing Summer: #B90Days Readings Week 7

We're over halfway through our Bible in 90 Days readings!  If you are caught up, you have read 18 of the 66 books of the Bible.  Great job!  If you are not caught up, don't give up.  There are still almost two months until Labor Day ... You can do this!! ... [Read More]

One Amazing Summer: When You Get Behind on #B90Days

So, I'm behind ... a lot.  I've been in Charlotte for the Type A Parenting Conference (which is really a blogging conference) since Thursday.  I'm flying home today ... and I'm five days behind on my reading. I'd offer you all kinds of apologies and explanations but the truth is I'm not all that worried about being behind.  In fact, I'm not concerned at all.  Because I'm not doing this challenge so I can add it to my "List of Great Spiritual Accomplishments."  Nor am I doing this so people will ... [Read More]

One Amazing Summer: God’s Plan for a Woman

Tamar.  Rahab.  Ruth.  Bathsheba.  Mary. The women listed in the genealogy of Christ.   We've read about three of them so far in our Bible in 90 Days journey, two in the past week.   I always find myself drawn in to the stories of Rahab and Ruth, captivated by their longing for a God they did not know.  {Which then makes me think of how often we are oblivious to this God we do know.} I love this part of Ruth's story: At this, she (Ruth) bowed down her face to the ground.  She asked him, "Why ... [Read More]