Books for Your Friends {a gift guide for bibliophiles}

Books are my favorite thing to give and to receive. But sometimes I have a hard time figuring out the perfect book to give. Maybe you do too? Here are twenty-five book recommendations along with the friend who might find each most encouraging and useful. And, you never know, you might find a book or two you'd like to add to your own wish list as well. Okay, y'all, ready for this?? This is going to be super easy to follow. A short description of a friend and a book that I think ... [Read More]

10 Traits of Christ-Centered Friendships

Who's your best friend? Does one name immediately come to mind? Perhaps it's a few names, people who have walked with you through many seasons? For me, I think of a few groups of people, most of them don't even know each other. I've got those sweet high school friends, our connection forged through tight-rolled jeans and the big hair of the 80s. The college friends who knew me in my worst season of life and still love me anyway. The friends I've made through ministry and the various ... [Read More]

5 Great Christmas Gifts for Your Mom Friends

Hi friends! If we were sitting together having coffee (which I soooo wish we were!), I bet we'd end up discussing Christmas gifts. And maybe we'd share some of what we've bought or what we hope to find or even what we're wishing might be under the tree for us. I am not the world's greatest gift giver.  Bless Scott's heart, he's received some terrible gifts over the years. (I mean, who knew the cordless telephone/TV remote wasn't the perfect gift??) My heart is in the right place. But ... [Read More]

We Saved You a Seat {and Bible Study Kit}

A few years ago I attended a conference where I didn't really know very many people.  I was a little bit anxious about walking into the big welcome session all by myself. As I entered the room and scanned for any familiar faces, I heard my name being called.  I looked over and there were a few people I didn't know waving at me.  "We saved you a seat," one smiling woman (who maybe looked vaguely familiar) said. Breathing a sigh of relief I walked over and sat down next to the smiling face.  ... [Read More]

What If We Became Women who Never Unfriended?

"Lord, may the words in this book change the next generation." I choked back the sob threatening to push its way out of my throat. Around the room, women murmured, "Yes, Lord," and everything in me wanted to fall on my knees. These women, gathered in the prayer room at our church— the same room where we have prayed for marriages to be saved, for bodies to be healed, for souls to be saved—now stood circled around the Praying for Girls final edits, praying for God to use the words to change ... [Read More]

On Friendship, Bible Journaling, and Craving Connection

Can we talk friendship for a little bit today? This morning, I was thinking about my friendships and identifying those friendships that have stood the test of time and the newer friends who I can't imagine now my life without them.  My BFFs from high school are still important to me. There are about six of us who stay in touch and, gosh, we're all so very different in every possible way. But these women have known me from my 1980s hair and buck teeth until now. And seriously, the people who ... [Read More]