My One Rule for Quarantine

When Casiday was little I always told her she only had one rule — obey. As long as she obeyed us, she would be doing what she was expected to do. It simplified things a lot also. The one rule was the name no matter where she was. At church, obey the leaders. At school, obey the teachers. Visiting family, obey the adults. Basically, that was the only rule she had for most of her childhood. Obey. I've been thinking about that one rule idea a lot now that we're in week five of social ... [Read More]

10 Tips for Living a Full Life Even with a Full Calendar

Hey friends! It feels like it's been ages since I wrote anything here ... but maybe that is just because I've been knee deep in REFRESH planning and doing. I can't even begin to put into words what it was like to see a dream God placed deep in my heart come to fruition — 90 women sitting around tables with Bibles open, spending a day studying Colossians. It was so beautiful. I'm sure I'll write more about it when I reach the point I can even think about it without crying. We're already working ... [Read More]

3 Simple Ways to Reflect on Life

Since October 2017 our family has been running at high speed. And things are finally starting to settle into our normal version of crazy busy. One of the habits I've struggled to develop is cultivating time to reflect, to just be with all my experiences, to lean into the lessons I've learned (and am learning). But this weekend, one of the few weekends we have had with absolutely nothing on our schedule besides the normal church stuff, I made the time to reflect, to look back, and to lean ... [Read More]

Making Mondays Better

Monday used to be my favorite day of the week. I loved getting up and starting fresh. But lately (and by lately I mean the past several years), I haven't had that same Monday Mojo. In fact, I've had whatever is the opposite of mojo. All that changes now. Making Mondays Better What if you could have a cheerleader in your life every Monday morning? You know, someone who would help you start the week feeling confident and empowered? You can! And I'm volunteering to be that ... [Read More]

{Book Review} Reading People by Anne Bogel

I'm a personality test junkie. Seriously. All of them. I mean, ALL of them. Like even the "Which Disney Princess Are You?" kind on Buzz Feed. {Book Review} Reading People by Anne Bogel Since I have such a powerful affection for all things personality, I couldn't help but get Anne Bogel's new book, Reading People: How Seeing the World through the Lens of Personality Changes Everything. If you don't know Anne, she is the genius behind Modern Mrs. Darcy and the host of the What ... [Read More]

Will you take the #encouragementdare?

In the immortal words of Schwartz on A Christmas Story, "I triple dog dare you!" No, silly, not to stick your tongue to the flag pole. That would totally hurt! I am challenging you to take the #encouragementdare. Will you take the #encouragementdare? Okay, I know, you're thinking two things: I have no idea what this is; and It sounds like something I'd like to do. Let me share a few more details. The #EncouragementDare In 2007, then-President Obama established September 12 ... [Read More]