A Prayer for the Days Everything Is Falling Apart

The past few months have been full of hard days. More often than not my prayer has simply been, "Help me, Lord!" Maybe you have been in one of those hard seasons too? Maybe if feels like everything is falling apart? Maybe all the dreams and plans you had for your life seem to be crumbling around you? Maybe you are tired and weary? Oh friend, I get it! I'm there with you. And this is a prayer for days like today, when it just seems as though everything is falling apart  . . .  Lord, it feels ... [Read More]

{ABIDE Day 2} Bring Burdens to Him

Welcome to day two of ABIDE, a five-step plan to start the new year intentionally. Yesterday, I shared the most important step we must take if we are serious about learning to abide in Christ: acknowledge Him first.  A daily quiet time is vital to our spiritual growth and, honestly, there is no way to mature in our faith outside of a commitment to time in the Word every day. But, here's the thing ... even when we are faithful to read the Bible every day, even when we are praying and ... [Read More]

I Can’t Do It All

Welcome to day 22 of STAND OUT: 7 traits of a counter cultural life.  You can find all the posts indexed here. You know those days when you finally fall into bed and realize you were busy all day but you can't really think of anything you actually accomplished? Yeah, me neither. {If only there was a sarcasm font for that last sentence!} Yesterday I was talking to Scott about our schedule for the next few days and I said, "Basically, we're busy until Casiday's birthday in February."  We ... [Read More]

A Reminder for the Days when Life Is Hard

Recently after yet another "lively discussion" with my girl, I sat on the couch and cried. Because life is hard. It just is. And I somehow convince myself that means I am doing something wrong. Because surely if I were doing it right, there wouldn't be so much struggle and frustration. So there I sat with all my tears and doubts and fears and I remembered some words my friend Stacey wrote a few years ago ... I’ve pretty much fallen short in every category. I am tired and not really ... [Read More]

A Prayer for the Hard Days

Yesterday was a very emotional day for some people we dearly love. They are in the middle of a difficult and draining situation. It's hard knowing they are hurting and feeling helpless to do anything. Last week, as we talked with them about what comes next, I was reminded how powerful hope is. I've leaned into Psalm 130:5—I wait for the Lord, my soul waits, and in His Word I hope; my soul waits for the Lord. Some seasons we are called to hope and to wait. Those are not the seasons I like ... [Read More]

Hope Will Come

Hope.  Hope pushes to keep going when hopelessness pulls at us to stop. Hope glimmers softly when darkness weighs hard and heavy. Hope whispers peace when circumstances scream chaos. Hope. Wherever you are, whatever your situation, there is hope. Because in Christ we are more than conquerors {Romans 8:37} and in Him we have fullness of joy {Psalm 16:11} and in Him we have hope, the anchor for our souls {Hebrews 6:19}. And there are days when hope seems far away but even then we wait. ... [Read More]