{Book Review} Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World by Kristen Welch

It's no big secret I'm a Kristen Welch groupie. If you follow either of my Facebook pages you know I share basically everything she writes with the hashtag #MustRead.  I've been reading her blog for ever ....because she is equal parts hilarious and honest. And those are two of the most important qualities in a person as far as I'm concerned. Also I want to be her BFF because she's got a love for the Lord I want to be around all the time. A couple of years ago I said her book Rhinestone ... [Read More]

Top 10 Posts of 2015

Can you believe we're less than a week away from 2016? This year feels like it passed so quickly.  All those moms who smiled at me when my girl was a baby and said, "Don't blink!" were so right!!  My girl will turn 16 in less than two months.  What??  {I find this most amazing since I haven't gotten any older at all since she was born. haha!} I looked over all the posts I wrote in 2015 and made a list of the top ten {measured by numbers of page views and social media sharing}. So, here ... [Read More]

Yes, I Read My Daughter’s Texts {and no, it isn’t because I don’t trust her}

Yes, I am that mom.  Every night, I read my daughter's texts and log into her social media accounts to look at the direct messages and friends lists. I am the one who "stalks" anyone on those lists I don't know.  I am the mom who knew about Yik Yak two days before a student used it to make a bomb threat at my daughter's school because I was checking texts. One of my girl's friends said to her mom, "Mrs. Teri Lynne knows everything. She might even know before it happens." As much as I'd ... [Read More]

A Prayer for my Girl as She Begins Her Sophomore Year

This morning my girl started her sophomore year of high school. {yes, all the feels. all of them.}  And I realized it was the last time I'd drive her to her first day of school.  Next year she'll drive herself. Not going to lie, it feels like there is a boulder in my throat and I have tears in my eyes just typing these words.  As I prayed with her in the car, I tried not to sob ... but it wasn't pretty as I pulled away from the school.  It's good, y'all, this watching our babies grow up. I know ... [Read More]

Your Favorite Posts of 2014

2014 is over and this week my goal is to get back into my blogging groove. December was a crazy month and while I did LOVE sharing some Advent thoughts from the Gospel of Luke every day on Facebook, I didn't manage to blog as much as I had hoped. So, here we are in January. My girl goes back to school on Wednesday so we're relishing our last bit of Christmas break with some shopping and salon-ing. {Yeah, I just made up that word.} I'm looking forward to some fun family time before we jump ... [Read More]

{31 Verses to Pray for Your Girl} Revelation 22:20

Welcome to Day 31 of 31 Verses to Pray for Your Girl! We've reached the end of this journey together ... and I'm amazed at how many of you joined this challenge and shared these prayers and verses with the women you know, inviting others to pray for their girls with us. Be sure to read what's coming next at the end of this post ... and receive your free gift!! xo, Teri Lynne Scripture: He who testifies to these things says, "Surely I am coming soon." Amen. Come, Lord Jesus! Revelation ... [Read More]