4 Qualities of a Well-Made Home

This business of homemaking can be overwhelming.  In fact, if we really contemplate what it is to make a home, it's far more challenging than managing one. Managing a home involves schedules, lists, and plans ... making a home requires grace, understanding, and  listening. Managing your home is important and good ... making your home is imperative and godly. Let us never be guilty of allowing managing our homes distract us from the far more significant task of making our homes. Today, let's ... [Read More]

10 Ways to Make a Home

Sometimes I think we use homemaking and home managing as synonyms ... and we shouldn't.  Managing is not the same thing as making. Manage: to handle, direct, govern, or control in action or use Make: to bring into existence by shaping or changing material, combining parts, etc. from dictionary.com We have to manage the details of our home ... if we don't, chaos ensues.  I get that.  But let's not get so caught up in managing our homes that we neglect the far more significant task of making a ... [Read More]

Laundry and Dishes and Cleaning, Oh My! The Making and Managing of a Home

Do you ever feel totally overwhelmed by the state of your home?  You're not alone. {And yes, that is a picture of my kitchen sink.  I'm all about real here.} Women also tend to stress about smaller things like being on time to fix dinner, cleaning the house, arranging a party, ensuring that they don’t forget anything on their holiday, or when they feel worried about a friend or family member among all the other major things they stress about like bills, work, children and the current state of ... [Read More]

4 Truths about Time

What a week, y'all!  I've challenged myself and been oh-so-encouraged by your comments.  From realizing that 24 hours is never going to be enough and exploring ways to create time all the way to figuring out MITs and finally getting a grip on social media, we've covered a lot of ground. Today, though, we're going back to the beginning.   If we really want to get a handle on our time, we need to realize the truth about time.  I went to the Source on this one.   After several hours of scouring ... [Read More]

10 Tips for Creating Time

In the words of the old D C Talk song, "Time is tickin' away, tick, tick, tickin' away." And it's true, y'all, time really is "tickin' away." It is our most finite resource and the truth is we really can't create more of it.  But there are ways to redeem the time we have, to use it more intentionally and more efficiently.     Here are ten ideas for managing your time better. Plan well.  As the old saying goes, "If you don't plan your day, someone else will."  Take control of your time. ... [Read More]

Parent with Prayer

Oh this one is my favorite!  Of all the gifts we give our children, it is parenting with prayer that reaps the greatest rewards.  This is going to be another short post because we don't need to read more about this topic ... we need to spend more time living this topic.  {Now is the appropriate time for an "Amen!"} Pray with them. From kneeling by their bedsides at night to quick prayer whispered as a teenager prepares to walk out the door for school ... praying with our children is a ... [Read More]