What I Learned in October

Whew ... October is over.  Traditionally, it's my favorite month.  But this year, it is more of a blur.  I suppose that is mostly related to the season of life I'm in.  Somehow, all those years of Scott doing student ministry weren't quite as much preparation as I thought they were for the reality of having a teenager in our home.  And so, without further fanfare, let's get to what I learned ... Being the mom of a teenager is the hardest thing I've ever done.  My girl is fun and witty and ... [Read More]

What I Learned in July

Before we go further I need to say this: I am not convinced today is July 31. Seriously, I'm pretty sure I've been dreaming and I'm going to wake up and it will still be 2012 because there is no way we're already through with seven months of 2013.  But, just to cover all my bases, I'm going to assume iCal is correct and today is indeed the last day of July and this time next month I'll be getting ready for Labor Day and wondering where August went . . . That said, I've determined I ... [Read More]