Light in the Dark Places

Sometimes we share the darkest parts of our lives so others can have light in their dark places. Light in the dark places. You know what I mean, right?  The dark places. I so rarely speak of mine. There are a million reasons why and some of them might even have a little bit of merit. But really, it is simply this—I don't like to go back there. Light in the Dark Places I suppose I could blame it on being a pastor's kid and always feeling the weight of expectation. Or I could say it's ... [Read More]

Grace Is for Everyone — even yourself!

Welcome to Day 29 of 31 Ways to Embrace Lopsided Living! It's our last Saturday together. Man, I hope you've been encouraged. I keep thinking about how this information probably isn't stuff you've never heard before but also that sometimes it just takes hearing it in a new way or at the right time for it to sink in. That's what I'm praying for all of us — that we will let this truth about the abundant life to the full God has for us sink in deep and change everything about us and our ... [Read More]

We are works in process {and that’s okay!}

Today I want to share a verse I've found encouraging in my Lopsided Living journey. AND I AM SURE OF THIS, THAT HE WHO BEGAN A GOOD WORK IN YOU WILL BRING IT TO COMPLETION IN THE DAY OF CHRIST JESUS. PHILIPPIANS 1:6 Philippians is probably my favorite book of the Bible. Paul's four-chapter letter to the church at Philippi is full of vital truth for us as believers.  And I love that he begins here, with this statement of two things: God is doing a good work in the lives of His children. ... [Read More]

Can we replace mom guilt with mom grace? Please!!

Can we replace mom guilt with mom grace?? Please!!! With all the tragedy happening around us, can we just join together as moms and make this declaration — we will give each other grace! When your kid spits on mine at the playground, I won't give you the stink eye. Because you weren't the one who spit. And I choose to believe you didn't tell your kid spitting was cool. When your little girl's BFF tells her she doesn't like her any more because she wears the wrong socks, you choose not ... [Read More]

{book review} Triggers by Amber Lia & Wendy Speake

It happened again this weekend. I call it the "Clash of the Hormones." Between my girl's teenager hormones and my menopausal hormones, let's just say it can get highly emotional around here and things can escalate quickly. I don't say that to make light of it ... or to excuse it.  But if we're honest, almost all of have those moments when we've totally lost it with our children. It's not that we WANT to be that kind of mom, it's that we're exhausted or stressed or overwhelmed. We love our ... [Read More]

Giving Generously of Yourself

Welcome to day 14 of STAND OUT: 7 traits of a counter cultural life. You can find an index of every post in this series here. Today we're wrapping up our conversation about generosity in a counter cultural life. Our world is greedy. We know that, we see it every day. But I think it can be easy for us to miss the ways we are greedy, the areas of our lives where we are the hoarders. We can be very stingy with our resources like time and money. But hopefully, you've seen through the past two posts ... [Read More]