Coming in October … more Lopsided Living encouragement!

Fun new encouragement for LOPSIDED LIVING coming in October!! A new series focusing on the gifts of God and a new Facebook group!

It’s been awhile since I spent any significant time talking about Lopsided Living. It’s an ongoing theme that undergirds pretty much everything else but I haven’t shared any new encouragement or challenges lately. So grab your coffee, your Bible, your calendar, and your journal and hang on tight — because October is all about Lopsided Living! […]

Our Generous God: A Study of Ruth {#fallbiblestudy}

Our Generous God is an opportunity for you to dig deep into a familiar passage and uncover valuable lessons and insights. #FallBibleStudy ||

Recently I asked a question on my Facebook page — When you see or hear the word ENTITLED, what is your first thought? The answers weren’t too surprising.  Spoiled, selfish, feeling of privilege.  Others said someone who thinks something is owed to them. My friend Becky wrote this, “Expectation of privilege without gratitude.” Which of […]