{Crowdsourcing} Favorite Parenting Books

I'm a huge fan of crowdsourcing. You know, asking the people you know for their best recommendations, resources, and ideas. In my #girlMOMS group, I do a lot of this type of thing — asking for best mother-daughter date ideas or fun movies to watch together, etc. Recently, I asked what their favorite parenting books are. And, after seeing all their recommendations, I knew it was a list worth sharing.  So here you go ... {CROWDSOURCING} FAVORITE PARENTING BOOKS Please note, I have not ... [Read More]

9 Great Books {Releasing August – October 2017}

Do you ever wish someone would just make a list of the books you should read? Well, you're in luck! Because that is exactly what I am doing today. I've got recommendations for just about everyone. And the best part is, I already have every one of these books and I can promise you each one is written by a woman who is passionate about the Lord. 9 Great Books {Releasing August - October 2017} I've separated them by release date for you but I'm also including a few thoughts about the book as ... [Read More]

{book review} Triggers by Amber Lia & Wendy Speake

It happened again this weekend. I call it the "Clash of the Hormones." Between my girl's teenager hormones and my menopausal hormones, let's just say it can get highly emotional around here and things can escalate quickly. I don't say that to make light of it ... or to excuse it.  But if we're honest, almost all of have those moments when we've totally lost it with our children. It's not that we WANT to be that kind of mom, it's that we're exhausted or stressed or overwhelmed. We love our ... [Read More]

My Big List of Great Books for Moms

It's no big secret I adore books and reading.  I'm a failure at keeping an up-to-date book list here on the blog but I seem to be doing better at posts that share what I've been reading each month.  I've been working on a few projects connected to Prayers for Girls lately and because of that I've been pulling books off my shelf {and from my Kindle} to find quotes and information I know I've read somewhere. In the course of all that, I began to realize how many of the not parenting per se books ... [Read More]

4 Great Books for Girl Moms

We leave for cheer camp today ... the girl is equal parts excited, exhausted, and edgy. I can't wait for lemonade at Toomer's this evening! {Did I mention the two moms I'm sharing a hotel room with this week are both Alabama fans ... and we'll be in Auburn?? And tomorrow I get to see Aubie?? If you've never seen the campus of Auburn University, it is gorgeous! And the "loveliest village on the plains" is also a beautiful place to be.} Anyway, this post isn't really about my affection for ... [Read More]

Best Books I Read in 2013 by Category

So, this year I read just over 130 books.  Since I got my first Kindle four years ago, I find I read a lot more fiction. But I still devour quite a few nonfiction books every year. I was going to make a list of my top ten books ... but then I decided to share a favorite from a few different categories. So, without further adieu, here are the best books I read in 2013 by category. Christian Living — Let Hope In. I absolutely loved this book! In fact, I honestly believe if you only read ... [Read More]