Simple Bible Study for Busy Women

Last week I was talking to my friend Britta. We were dreaming about some big ideas God has placed inside our hearts and brainstorming together some of the ways we could partner to see those ideas turn into realities. One of the passions we share is encouraging women to interact with Scripture and to help them see how the Word of God intersects with daily life. It's no secret around here how deeply passionate I am about the value of daily time in the Word ... but I'm equally desperate to ... [Read More]

Jesus Calling: One of my Favorite Devotionals

{This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through them, I will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.} I offer rest for your soul, as well as refreshment for your mind and body. {Jesus Calling, August 19} I'm not really sure when or where I received my first copy of Jesus Calling, I just know once I opened the pages I was captivated. For years I've been personalizing Scripture in my prayers ... but hearing the words of Scripture personalized as a message to me ... [Read More]

Quiet Times, West Wing, and Being Invaded

Wow! Yesterday's post spoke to several of you. Thanks for sharing on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I loved the comments on Instagram too ... gotta love getting a "Boom!" about a post! {Thanks, Stef! And I loved this post she wrote about moms needing their own Bible time.} I've often wondered why my most popular posts are about quiet times and Bible studies. I think is has to do with this one thing: We desperately want someone to tell us we're doing it right! I am amazed at how many ... [Read More]

What’s the Point of a Quiet Time?

I feel the need to confess something ... my mornings have been utter chaos this summer. Camps and vacation and the urgent need for catching up on laundry in between finds me struggling to get into a good routine. I have great intentions. But in the clash between reality and intentions, well, reality typically wins. This summer has been full of hit and miss morning quiet times.  More misses than hits, since I'm confessing. Maybe you deal with the same thing? Perhaps you have a baby or toddler ... [Read More]

2 Devotional Books I Am Loving in 2014

Confession: I love devotional books. But I tend to find one and use it for several years before switching to something new. For example, Jesus Calling and Streams in the Desert have been the books I've used for the past seven years. So, while I collect devotionals, I find very few I end up using consistently. 2014 has been a crazy year though, filled with the unexpected. And I have two devotional books I am loving right now ... both are new to me this year and neither is a part of my morning ... [Read More]

Whispers of Hope by Beth Moore {Book Review}

I have to admit. I'm looking forward to 2014. Well, except the part where my girl starts high school next fall. I have mixed emotions about that part of the coming year. But the truth is, after all the craziness of 2013, I have high hopes for next year. I'm anticipating some incredible things — I'm headed into the new year with an open heart and eager mind for what the Lord wants to do in me. A key component to starting a year well for me is finding a great book to use for my quiet time in ... [Read More]