{Encouraging Words} Giving God Priority

It's so easy to get distracted by all the things on our lists and all the people in our lives. But living well has to start with an intimate relationship with Christ. While I firmly believe there is no such thing as a perfect quiet time, I just as firmly stand on the truth that we all need to devote time each day to prayer and reading our Bibles. Maybe you've struggled with this ... there have been times in my life when I have as well.  But know this, it's worth the effort it takes to get ... [Read More]

TWR360.org {Faith for Your World}

One of my favorite perks of blogging is the opportunity to preview new resources.  A couple of months ago, I was introduced to TWR360.org ... and I admit, I'm hooked!   TWR has been a leading Christian radio broadcaster around the world ... and now they are harnessing the power of the internet to offer incredible Bible teaching and Christian living resources 24/7. Some of my favorite teachers and leaders are a part of this network. Names you know like David Platt, FamilyLife, ... [Read More]

Vacation and Quiet Times

We're on vacation.  We've got our feet in the sand and enjoying some much-needed time away {and mostly unplugged}.  It's what we need ... though I imagine come Monday I'll be needing a vacation to recover from doing all our vacation laundry! :) This month at Do Not Depart, the theme has been about keeping holy habits while we travel.  There have been so many great resources shared over there over the past few weeks — everything from memory verses while you travel to a seven-day family ... [Read More]

Wednesday Prayer

Actually, this was a Sunday prayer ... from an amazing book I am using for the second year during my morning quiet times, Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals.  Almost every day I find myself challenged and inspired by what I have read.  This prayer has stuck with me for the past few days and I thought it might be an encouragement to others as well. What has inspired you lately?  affiliate link included in this post ... [Read More]

I’m an Advent Failure!

Every year I have grandiose plans for Advent. Books to read, activities to complete, prayers to write. And every year one of two things happen: I don’t get started until December 10th  . . . OR  . . .  by December 10th I’ve missed so many days I am ready to give up. For the past few years I’ve owned my Advent failures and determined not to attempt so much and instead slow and be still more. Instead of adding to my December calendar, I subtract. I write less and expect less—of myself and of ... [Read More]

How Weird Is It to Review a Bible? Everyday Matters Bible for Women

Reviewing a Bible is just plain strange, y'all!  Far different from the normal book reviews I do where I am discussing content. :) A few weeks ago I received a new Bible in the mail. It's beautiful, isn't it?  I love the cover.  A lot.  But since that's not really the issue in reviewing a Bible, I'll just leave it at: this Bible is so pretty! The pupose of the Everyday Matters Bible for Women is simple: to help you use spiritual disciplines to make your everyday life fuller, richer and deeper ... [Read More]