Are You Exhausted? {the why and how of a day of rest}

Are you exhausted? It's okay if you are. Really. Because let's face it, there are days (or even weeks) when we are beyond tired. And we can either ignore it or admit it. I, for one, firmly believe admitting it is the first step toward establishing a better plan for next time. And, if we're really honest, we want to figure out how to avoid ending up in this place again, right? If we wish to have a weekday of rest, it will no longer happen as a societal default. It will happen only as a ... [Read More]

Lopsided Living Allows Us to Live at Rest

Welcome to day 4 of 31 Simple Ways to Embrace Lopsided Living! I hope today finds you well rested. Yesterday was my 45th birthday so Scott and I spent the afternoon together and then he grilled the most amazing chicken and pork loin for all three of us for dinner. I always make a pumpkin pie for my birthday and last night I made homemade cinnamon whipping cream to go with it. Delish!! I tell you all of that to say this: I had A TON of stuff that needed to get done yesterday. My book ... [Read More]

{ABIDE Day 3} 10 Ways to Intentionally Slow Down

Well, y'all, we've made it to the third day of ABIDE.  So far we've looked at two steps for learning what it is to abide in Christ. Acknowledge Him First Bring Burdens to Him We've covered how important it is to commit to daily time in the Word and 3 truths we need in order to lay our burdens down with the Lord.  Today's step is going to be hard for all us busy people. In fact, you are probably going to think I'm crazy ... but don't click away just yet. Remember, I've got the crazy calendar ... [Read More]

Slowing Down When Life Is Busy

Lately I've sort of felt like I've been meeting myself coming and going.  We're in the beginning weeks of the busiest time of year at the Underwood Abode. From the time school starts until the National Championship football game, it's full speed ahead. You'd think after years of it being this way, I wouldn't find myself so shocked when it all starts. But here I sit, two and a half weeks into September, thinking, "Oh my word! I'm tired already." My body and soul need space and quiet and rest. ... [Read More]

Best Books I Read in 2013 by Category

So, this year I read just over 130 books.  Since I got my first Kindle four years ago, I find I read a lot more fiction. But I still devour quite a few nonfiction books every year. I was going to make a list of my top ten books ... but then I decided to share a favorite from a few different categories. So, without further adieu, here are the best books I read in 2013 by category. Christian Living — Let Hope In. I absolutely loved this book! In fact, I honestly believe if you only read ... [Read More]

Prioritize Rest

Today I took a 3-1/2 hour nap. I didn't really have time for that. I had three blog posts to write for different sites. There are literally no clean towels in my house.  The dishes from supper last night are still in the sink. But I was exhausted. I need about eight hours of sleep per night.  I've accepted this about myself.  I don't function well when I don't get at least seven hours of sleep every night.  And this week has been crazy.  Between away games and church and early morning ... [Read More]