The Path to True Wisdom

Welcome to day 6 of STAND OUT: 7 traits of a counter cultural life. You can find an index of every post in this series here. Yesterday we began discussing wisdom, which I believe is the foundation of living a counter cultural life. The problem is, sometimes we are seriously lacking in wisdom. We can easily begin to think we are wise and end up in a heap of trouble.  Paul wrote about this very thing to the church at Corinth: Let no one deceive himself. If anyone among you thinks that he is ... [Read More]

The Wisdom from Above

Welcome to day 5 of STAND OUT: 7 traits of a counter cultural life. All the posts in this series are indexed here.  Last week was one of those really hard weeks. I feel like I say that a lot lately. And I don't mean to ... it's just that well, life is hard. A week ago today, we found out three families in our church were facing incredibly difficult situations. Which made me think, if we know about three how many others are struggling and we don't know anything about it at all. Scott's ... [Read More]

Sunday Meditations || Romans 12:2

Each week we will begin with a Sunday meditation, a prayer based on a verse related to counter cultural living. This week, of course, I have chosen Romans 12:2, which is the foundation verse for this series. Lord, as we begin this journey, we know we can only learn what You are willing to teach. Give us willing hearts and open minds for the transformation You desire to accomplish in us. When the questions don't have simple answers, grant us patience. When situations leave us gasping for ... [Read More]

STAND OUT: Recommended Resources

This transformation journey began for me, as many things do, with books that piqued my interest and challenged my thinking. And, as I dug into the Word, I longed to understand more about what a counter cultural life is and how it looks for a very unremarkable wife and mom in north Alabama.  As I studied and prayed, I also sought more resources and insight from others who were farther along in the process than I am. I've listened to podcasts, read blog posts, and marked up books ... and today ... [Read More]

Transformation instead of Conformation

Why Live Counter Culturally? I suppose before we go any further in this discussion, we need to answer this question, right? Why does it really matter if our lives look different from the world in which we live? For me, there are two primary reasons: When we remember this world is not our home, our lives point to the Truth. Beloved, I urge you as sojourners and exiles to abstain from the passions of the flesh, which wage war against your soul. Keep your conduct among the Gentiles honorable, ... [Read More]

STAND OUT: 7 traits of a counter cultural life

Welcome to my 6th 31 days series! Sixth. Y'all, I've been blogging forever. :) I'm thrilled you are here and I hope this month will be one full of encouragement and inspiration for you. We'll be spending the month of October talking about this: Counter cultural has become one of the buzz words in our church vernacular. A quick Google search on the topic will lead to millions {literally!} of results ... blog posts and books abound. So, you're probably wondering, why have I decided to ... [Read More]