Simple Reduction

“Think simple” as my old master used to say – meaning reduce the whole of its parts to the simplest terms, getting back to first principles. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright Simple … “getting back to first principles”. What are my “first principles”? I suppose this will be the year of […]

What does simple really mean?

As we practice simplicity, the Holy Spirit trains us to cut busyness and hurry out of our lives by remaining focused on God and God’s kingdom. ~ Jan Johnson   In October of each year I devote time every day to praying for myself.   Seeking the Lord’s direction and conviction, […]

Simple Blogging

Sorry … this hit my feed before I actually wrote the post.    I was up late last night watching a little football.    You might remember that I’m a bit of a fan for a team that played in the national championship last night.  Today, I’ll be ordering this … War […]

Girly Contentment

The past week has been full … really full!  From December 4th through the 12th, the girl has performed at our church’s White Christmas festival, danced in The Nutcracker, and sung in the children’s choir musical.   To say it has been busy would be an understatement … but the utter […]

Contentment in Chaos

It’s Nutcracker week … and we just finished our first White Christmas festival over the weekend at our church.  Suffice it to say, last week was crazy and this week looks to be equally exciting and exhausting. So, how do we manage to remain content and calm even in the […]

Working toward Contentment

That drive to be productive with our time was put there by God … Although we work to fulfill earthly needs, we should work to bring honor and glory to God, who is the Creator of work. ~ Vonette Bright As I’ve begun this journey back to a contented life, […]