A MOD Squad Mom reviews a MOB Society Book!

A woman of prayer.  Powerful, effective, fervent prayer.  A righteous woman, grounded in the Word of God ... generating a legacy and heritage of faithfulness not to church or religion but to the Word-Made-Flesh. That's my desire.   My heart's deepest longing ... to know Him, to know His Word, and to live in Him, abide in Him. And with that desire, comes a hunger for knowledge, for inspiration, for encouragement, for challenge ... from others who have trod the path or are currently near me on ... [Read More]

Simple Comfort {Foods}

There is just something about a rainy day that requires comfort food.   A favorite stew, maybe a soup or chowder, perhaps a simple crock-pot dish or even a chicken pot pie seems the necessary sustenance for a dreary, gray day. Here in south Georgia we don't have a real winter, but we do have lots of rainy days.   And on days such as this there are a few foods we love to eat.   In no particular order, here are our Top Ten Comfort Foods at Chez Underwood. Taco Soup Chicken and Dumplings Beef ... [Read More]

Simple Blogging

Sorry ... this hit my feed before I actually wrote the post.    I was up late last night watching a little football.    You might remember that I'm a bit of a fan for a team that played in the national championship last night.  Today, I'll be ordering this ... War Eagle, y'all!  So proud of my Tigers!! Now, on to the real post ... I'm sharing today about some simple blogging schedules and routines over at Gather Inspirit.   If you have a hard time thinking of what to write or getting into a ... [Read More]

12 Days of Christmas Kindness

It's the second Monday of the month ... that means I'm writing my monthly column at Mod Squad! Parties.  Plays.  Gifts.  Decorating.  Baking. Constant chaos.  Crazy schedules.   Welcome to the "Most Wonderful Time of the Year"! If your house is anything like mine, your "To Do" list is long and your time is short.  And somehow in the midst of doing everything that must be done, you find yourself lying down at night, utterly exhausted, and wondering if anything of real value was accomplished ... [Read More]

Confessions of a Recovering Know-it-All

Ten years ago ... I had a four-month old. I had never taught a Bible study class. I only had a dream of writing a book ... but no clue what it would be about. I *knew* a whole lot of stuff. I was quick to give an opinion. I was long to hold a grudge. I felt the need to defend myself. I was big on truth and small on grace. Today ... I have a ten-year-old. I've taught more Bible studies than I can count and written over 15 to teach in my church. I have a ... [Read More]